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A Stranger's Email --
Subject: flying windup bird
Date: Mon, 20 May 2002 17:59:23 -0700
From: "phylenne ...>
To: <>
Dear Totally Cool,
I came to your website looking for the bird that winds up because I want to buy it for my daughter's birthday. Yet I
am unable to find the place where I can order the bird. Do you have any information for purchase of the bird that you
currently feature on your gift section of your website ? Thank you, Rochelle's mom --
TC Response
Subject: flying windup bird coolness
Date: Mon, 20 May 2002 22:35:39 -0400
To: phylenne ...>
No time at right now to dig out the info. It was years ago. What a cool toy. I have been on a project 20 hours a day
for the last ten days. And am just wrapping it up. I can look for the info Wednesday maybe. If I remember correctly
it is one of two companies, Tin Toys ( or the other -- Schylling. Your best bet is to call the company
direct and track it down that way. See who -what retailers- they sold it to and then you can find where to purchase it
retail. "" should give you their location and a way to track them down. If I remember correctly it is their
toy. Get a live person on the phone. I know if it is at all available they can help find it. That is how I did it when we
worked on the story. But I will look into it further. I also recall a museum shop selling it. Let us know how you make
out. If it is out there we will find it. When is her birthday ????????????? How much time do we have ? What a cool
gift. I want one. Teasing. I wouldn't have time to play with it. Richard

2nd Response --
Subject: MORE flying windup bird coolness
Date: Mon, 20 May 2002 22:58:55 -0400
To: phylenne ...>
Go to ---- go to "shop" then go to "outdoor fun" and there it is. It will come right up "Tim Flying Bird."
Top of the page. It is $ 10 and you can order it on line. I want to know if she has fun with it and if it actually works
!!!!!!! (I would get 2, in case one crashes. (To be expected.) Keep me posted. AND tell her we said "HAPPY
BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!! TOTALLY COOL !!!!!!!!!!! (Wait. There's More.)
Happy Birthday to you -- Happy Birthday to you -- Happy Birthday to you --
How old are you now ...
(April. Year 2002) One day I was sitting working by the Computer. Hours and hours and hours and hours. As it has
been for years. And like many people do, I was asking myself if all this was worth it. Did it matter in anyone's life ?
Did anyone -does anyone - even care ? I know people appreciate the work and all the fun things we present to the
World. But that does not tell the story or answer the questions. Especially in questions that might be called: The
Path of Destiny. For me (and I am the Editorial Director who created Totally Cool ), when I ask a question of the
Universe ... Life is about living proof. And that is how the answer must come through. It must come through Life.
There the absolute truth speaks. So am I wasting my time working so hard on the projects I work on ??? At that
time, aside from working on the personal projects, another person had burdened the schedule with an additional
project that had elements of chaos and deceits which only made the time more complex. The work load was
exceeding 120 hours a week and that is being -- w-a-y -- conservative. Weeks had gone by and I forgot about
the discussion I had with myself. Deadlines were looming. Then this HAPPENED --
Special Section

A New Beginning
As The Flowers
Trying to work was useless. Got restless thinking about this Birthday problem. Sitting and talking
about it with the Editor-In-Chief I decided to pause -halt- everything and help with this quest. We opened
up the files and followed it down through the Web. No problem.
Minutes later we sent this:
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