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With Every Turn Of The Page
There Is A Song.
The MagaZine

The Music Credit:
Here To There
Richard Renda
on piano
Private Stock Records

Out of the office, back in the heat of the streets, and in the air-conditioned car. God I didn't think we were ever
going to get out of that office anytime today. Making more calls, setting future schedules, interviews, shoots,
dinners. Off to a trendy downtown restaurant. Cellie and Nina Chic were going to meet the new designer. A
young girl who came to New York to change Fashion Rules forever. Nina Chic queries the young designer over
dinner, "What's new and trendy ? What's gonna happen in fashion ?" Her friend replies, "No more silks or prints.
Black is back and back with a vengeance. Very chic. That is the way to go. That will surely make the headlines
and Mag Covers in the upcoming future."
"Too many magazines are closing. We have to be the best, the best, the best. Always the best. That is who we
are." Ms. Win went on. "So … what do we have here ?" The Editors around the table spoke up one by one. Here's
the new gossip, the hottest fashion, more lifestyle, the new photographers, faces of the moment; and … the what
is happening in the arts ? Even Soccer stars will be appearing the glossy pages of the magazines. Almost two
hours went by and now Cellie knows what people will read -- and be talking about: three months later. She was
listening to every word. There's nothing like information. But Cellie takes it to heart. She will keep it sacred.
Great meeting ! Now making their way through the crowded streets of SoHo, Cellie and Nina pause to take a breath
of fresh air. Trendy stores, cool restaurants, delis, and flower shops. Streets filled with musicians, artists, models,
tourists and the locals. A line of people weaving around the corner is waiting to get in the opening of an Art Gallery
to look at the work of a popular sculptor and painter from Brazil. Cellie doesn't need to stand in line. She is VIP.
"What a beautiful piece of Art . Food for thought … and for the soul." Cellie is hearing the conversation between
her owner and this handsome young Painter. His life story is fascinating and the way he interprets that into art is
surreal. Cellie knows a thing or two about art, or at least she THINKS so ! Drinks and conversations, running into
old friends, and making new ones. Fabulous party, Cool opening ! An urgent phone call from the choreographer
of the French ballet group. The meeting cannot take place. Not tonight. The flight has been delayed due to bad
weather in Paris. But tomorrow first thing in the morning we are on. A few arrangements with Cellie on the phone
and the adjustments have been made. "Let me look on my calendar. Schedule changed and moved. That's okay."
Cellie is prepared. She can handle just about anything. But Cellie finds herself thinking about Chatterbox. He got
to her. She had a feeling he could be a good friend. Cellie was wondering if he was thinking about her too. There's
one more event, Cellie's favorite – a movie premiere.
Here's when it all comes together. Stars, Fashion, and Gossip. The Red Carpet. The smiles. And the popping
sound of photographers flash bulbs going off. One, two, five, ten… Cellie is in every picture with her owner. It is a
big honor for anyone to have her Miss Nina Chic visit an opening or event. Miss Chic-ness (as she is known to her
friends) and Cellie knew they both would be in the news. Lots to talk about. The premiere was cool. Great movie
and better yet … the after party. With so much to see and to hear, so much information to absorb and to transform,
Cellie's done it all. It was a busy overwhelming day, just like any other. Time to go. Nina Chic had to get her beauty
sleep. And it was time for Cellie to recharge her batteries. And maybe … share the day with others at home.
In a car going home. Making their ways through the busy streets of the city full of lights and action. Hurry car, hurry.
Cellie is thinking she is almost out of juice. A turn on the corner, and then another turn. Pased the doorman.
Up the elevator. Down the hallway. Through the kitchen. The plug is in. The life juice starts flowing into Cellie's
wire veins. This is Cellie's home. She is a newcomer. Lots of objects in the house have been there for a long long
time. Some have crossed countries and even endured centuries of history to make it to Miss Chic's Penthouse
Tower Loft. Miss Chic loves all of her things and takes good care of them, but Cellie seems to be an important part
of her life. Wherever she goes Cellie goes. That is enough to get anyone jealous, especially the old oak table that
is a descendant of a 17th Century French family from le Bureau. And how about the gatekeeper of information,
you know the one they call a "one eyed monster", the TV ? It is shiny also and flat … and BIG … and it transmits
information from all over the world with a picture perfect flat screen. But it can't talk back and it can't walk or travel
anywhere. It just hangs on the wall. And -- the TV is so hung up he has to wait for his other half, the Remote
Control, to turn him on. But most of all guaranteed to be jealous of Cellie was the Old Land Phone. For sure. He
has been around long enough to be the center of attention in any house. He transmits information and talks back
too. But the Land Phone that Miss Chic has is nearly a century old and is also an inseparable part of the family.
He has a Big Black Dial and white numbers, and he is LOUD. And, of course, we dare not forget "Mr. Wireless."
Slim and sleek. He looks a little like Cellie. But bigger and more bulky. He also has his own base station.
Cellie's World ...
Illustrations by Nina Lazaridi
At The Art Gallery.
The Movie Premiere.
Dinner with the Fashion Designer.

Cellie getting a vital energy boost.
Special Section

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