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The Music Credit:
Dave Carter and
Tracy Grammer
Snake Handlin' Man

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"The Official Editorial
c. 2002 - Totally Cool .
All RIghts Reserved.

With Every Turn Of The Page
There Is A Song.
Wait ... And Adjust ...
your volume.
The MagaZine

An Interesting Story. Strange.
Sort of a Folk Tale
by Jason Reiser and Richard Renda
The story here is about a musician who walks a road to find
who he is and then touches the very essence of the future,
not knowing. And this story is also about not letting an artist
with that insight drift away like dust in the wind. Instead,
we recognize what the person touched and have it so noted
for History ... along with knowing that person was here ...
passing through, and honoring that time. Somewhere there
is a message. We are pulled into the vortex in Time.
One day an Editor mentions that he and a
Lady friend were going to a Concert festival
in Upstate New York called "Falcon Ridge."
Of course, here at the magazine we try to
showcase many artists to the World.. And
moreso, especially to have people hear the
works of the Musicians ... who we fondly
call The Prophets of Vibration. But this was
a Special Concert. A Music Concert from
what some may have thought was an Art
Not so. This was about the roots of
emotion in music. A kind of music that
goes back in time as far as humankind itself.
Like a Folk Tale. The Falcon Ridge Folk
Music Festival is one of the most popular
events of the year for that community and
anyone who might love good music. Good
old fashion Folk Music. We talked about
doing something and covering the happening.
Next thing we know Dave Carter, a top
headliner from the duo Dave Carter and
Tracy Grammer, suddenly dies from a heart
attack. This changes many things for many
people, including the Falcon Ridge Concert.
Keeping the Faith, the concert organizers
proceeded with preparing A Tribute
featuring Dave Carter's songs.
Looking further than the surface of the
music -- we found, noting the abrupt
timing -- the words of the songs were
prophetic. Dave Carter was born in
August 1952. He passed away July
2002. Texas is his home state.
Cowboy Singer
Alone in my room when she leaves me again
I stare at the wall and watch death closin' in
But I like to imagine I will meet her someday
In a land at the end of life's lonesome highway
In a fine, high country where the best songs are sung
And the labels don't care if you're old or you're

Gun-Metal Eyes
"...Now some say he died in the fightin' and was
buried that day. Some say he raged like an angel,
and he chased 'em away. But the green hills stand
silent and nobody goes there no more. Just the
ghosts, and the memories, and the shadows of the
dark forest floor. They will tell you it's gospel, but
they won't tell you why. How love conquers all in
the sweet by and by. So we flutter like snowflakes
and we twirl in the air. And we melt in our moments
of prayer... "
Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, Berkshires ... New York State.
Special Section

Stay Tunes - There Is
Much more.

1952 - 2002
Snake Handlin'
Executive Director - Howard Randall / Artistic Director - Anne Saunders.
Dave Carter. Snake Handlin' Man.
Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, Berkshires ... New York State.
Executive Director - Howard Randall / Artistic Director - Anne Saunders.
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