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The MagaZine
On the Slopes ... in the French Alps. Snowman families, snowboarding, warm fireplaces,
snowball fights, skiing and more welcome you. www.Meribel.net -- www.LesArcs.com
French Alps
4 Villages facing Mont-Blanc. A Wonderland All Year Round --

The French Alps
Between Pierre Blanche 1600 and Peisey Vallandry four villages line the pathway that
runs along the edge of the plateau spanning over 50 acres of open space. During the
warmer summer months it is used as a magnificent golf course. The wood, the light, and
the forest blend into the warm colors of the house fronts and roofs that run along the line of
the slope, forming a consistent oneness that is perfectly in tune with the mountain
landscape. The architecture at Arc 1800 is internationally acclaimed. Inspired by Le
Corbusier. The philosophy behind the architecture was heavily influenced by Charlotte
Perriand who devoted 10 years of her life to its design. Bernard Taillefer worked on
building most of the housing in Le Charvet, Villards, and Charmettoger. Within skiing
distance you will find the Aiguille Rouge and Bellecote. Thanks to the link to La Plague --
glaciers, and pistes in amongst the pine trees are waiting for you. Sunshine, snow, the
freedom to walk wherever you want and respect for the natural environment are just some
of the many reasons why people love Arc 1800. In winter -- a snowy wonderland, and in
summer -- a garden of Paradise. "This is where I come to get away from it all. Here. In my
chalet. As often as I can." Roger Godino -- co-founder of The Resort Arc 1800.

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