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Imagine skiing on the slopes in the afternoon -- after a little fly fishing in the
morning. The French Alps have much to offer from season to season. How
about a horseback ride through the Mountains ... and Countryside ?
The MagaZine
Multifaceted Mountains -- The times are LONG GONE when the mountains were entirely
reserved for skiers ! Nowadays both sports lovers and the more reflective types can find activities
and relaxation to their liking, skiing in all its shapes of course, with extensive facilities and vast
slopes - but also there are more and more diverse sports and cultural activities during the day or
apres-ski. If for you holidaying means relaxing, then rest assured you will find in Les Arcs/ Bourg-
Saint-Maurice everything you need for doing just that. For a complete change of scene let yourself
be overwhelmed by the generosity of alpine nature -- the peace and serenity it brings. If what you
are looking for is to discover another culture or a rich colorful heritage, you will be overwhelmed
and spoiled by the cultural riches of Bourg-Saint-Maurice and the surrounding area. For shaping
up, the many apres-ski (after ski) activities allow you to organize maximum packed days. And to
end your day you can make the most of the cafe-concerts, cinemas, bowling alleys, restaurants,
and wonderful people. Just think of the possibilities.
Ski Snowboard -- for the utmost in
downhill pleasure.

LesArcs has become world famous --
thanks to the legendary "Apocalypse
Snow" films shot there. Following this
celebration of off-piste siking many
have been drawn to this valley of the
Upper Tarentaise. Be they skiers or
snowboarders they come to enjoy the
limitless downhill ski trail or the off-piste
skiing. Nothing more extraordinary than
being able to ski 360 round the Aiguille
Rouge, the top of the skiing area, and
being able to reach all the nooks and
crannies of the resort thanks to ideally
situated ski lifts. The landscapes are
stupendous and the change of scenery
is guaranteed. "Words fail to describe
all that the massif has in store for
skiers. Be it for athletic skiers looking
for the thrills of technique and speed
-- or for more quiet ones looking for
surprising runs." The many aspects of
Les Arcs's skiing area will gratify ski-
lovers, snowboard-lovers and all others.
As for off-piste skiing, Les Arcs's
reputation is established.
An endless choice of routes and difficulties. One should however never forget the safety aspect.
Let it be repeated that off-piste skiing is not suitable for everyone. That it is quite dangerous and
that there are qualified professionals to take you off the downhill mountain trails. So make the
right choice. Turn to a mountain guide or to a skiing instructor. They will take you out safely and
according to your strengths and they might also take you a little closer to the mountains' hidden
mysteries. Written by Enak Gavaggio - extreme skier. For more info, contact: www.LesArcs.com

A year round delight -
On The Slopes ... in
the French Alps.
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