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Section 1:
Queen Latifah wearing an Escada outfit. Photographs
courtesy of www.HFPA.org and the Hollywood Foreign Press.

The Music Credit:
Be Mine
Gotee Records

Our Hat's Off TO YOU ...
The Hollywood Foreign Press
and www.HFPA.org
The 60th Anniversary
Golden Globe Awards.
Held at the International Ballroom
at the Beverly Hilton ... in California
One evening, we were working on a story that we wanted to post on the Internet. It was called "NYC 2000." We had
everything we needed to make the story work except for one thing: the name of the choir who sang on The Raised
Runway in Times Square for more than 10,000 people. We did 4 hours of research on the web with respect to this
event "NYC 2000". Knowing the press riser was 3 tiers high packed with photographers we were now disturbed by
what we saw on the web. Actually it was what I did not see. In all the research, 4 hours on the web, I did not see one
picture. Which meant even though thousands and thousands of photos had to have been taken -- no one cared to
share this event with you or the World. And in short it was History that was being robbed ! It was typical of photog
mentality. The mind set that a photographer would not share a photo because they think one day someone may
come along years later and buy a photo from them for a hundred dollars. In reality, what happened was: there were
no photos for you to see. And of course, the images would remain on a shelf or hidden in a drawer. Oh we did the
story. And History did have it's day. It taught a number of photographers much about the value of a picture.
A photograph has very little value to anyone, including History ... if
no one ever gets to see it. We say, show the World your work and
be proud you did. We must all learn ... Life is not always about
money. It is about the BIGGER Picture. What is your worth, how
will the Universe view you ? Then there came a time where we
were doing a Fashion Styling job for ABC-TV's "The View". We
needed to see details on the outfits celebrities wore at the 60th
Golden Globe Awards event held in California. All we found were
small cheesy pictures being offered by some on the web. Then ...
we found the site www.HFPA.org -- and why these people must be
honored. They offer YOU pictures. To see all that Life was doing.
Not only did these people share their work, they clearly stated: You
welcome to have these photos for your own viewing pleasure --
as long as they were and are not used for "resale." What can you
say ? "Thank you" to the Hollywood Foreign Press for being there,
and, for your sharing with the World. "We Love You. And we will
never forget you were there and did the job well. You do honor
human Life. The good things. Again we say: Thanks ... just for
being." Richard Renda (front and center, New York International
Press Corps). Also made a promise to myself. As soon as we get
a moment, to the World we want to
give ... the whole file of chosen
pics from the NYC 2000 Event, over 50 images. History should be
preserved ... and Life should be shared. For generations to come.
Gangs of New York
Best Director Award
Martin Scorcese

Still very Hot !
(and cute)
Sharon Stone
in Versace
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