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Our Hat's OFF TO YOU ... The Rolling Stones Live at Madison
Square Garden Lick World Tour in New York City 2003.
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The Music Credit:
The Rolling Stones Licks World Tour
with special thanks to HBO
(get it on DVD, when available)

Wait. With every GREAT Performance there has to be
an encore. But we're not going to tell you what they were.
Because you have to have a little Sympathy, even for the
devil. This concert was sooo good --the neighbors were
literally banging on the door at 11:11 p.m. (EST). The
concert ended at 11:15. Guess they got too old for the
Rolling Stones. It wasn't all that loud. We did not turn it
down. Wait 4 minutes. And everyone was happy.
Our Hat's
Off To
Many musicians, prophets of vibration, find after being on the road for 20 years it is time to stop. Yet the The Rolling
Stones continue to roll with a Monkey Man. Gimme Shelter. Ruby Tuesday. Midnight Rambler. Brown Sugar.
Satisfaction. Can't Ya Hear Me Knockin. Tumbling Dice. Let It Bleed. Even more.
The Rolling Stones
Live !!!
From Madison
Square Garden
in New York City
In the middle of the Arena. You could
call this, literally: "Center Stage."
Keith Richards
Charlie Watts
Ron Wood
(Michael) Mick
The Musical Talent
The Rolling Stones
brought to you by the magic of
the front seat Home Box Office HBO
Is it ...
Only Rock n' Roll
Mick Jagger said he was reading a newspaper that stated this would be their last concert tour. The lead vocalist
responded to that . (I don't think so.) When Keith Richards said, It's good to be here in New York. (It's good to be
anywhere) -- he should know, rest assured: they will always be somewhere. People do say, "Dinosaurs roamed the
earth for 250 million years." Those that say "The Rolling Stones are dinosaurs" can be guaranteed ... The Rolling
Stones are going to be around for a long time. As you get older you get better. The beat goes on.
Bobby (Robert) Keys
Lisa Fischer
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