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Our Hat's Off To You !
The Hollywood Foreign
Press Association and
Robin Williams

We honor the Hollywood Foreign Press and
the Hollywood Foreign Press Association at
the Highest regards. These are people who
should be recognized for their sharing,
generosity, and contribution to History ... in
a time and World where people are cheap,
stingy, and care only about their self. As the
Editorial Director / Editor-at-Work / brainchild
of Totally Cool I tell our photographers
and contributors, "If you have a photo you
want to keep for yourself save it. But there
are many other photos that will just sit on a
shelf and no one will ever see them. Those
you can share with the World." And also,
others will have the opportunity to appreciate
the works. We have been blessed to have a
creative team that does care about you and
that does want you to See The World. They
share their works with you. The Hollywood
Foreign Press are of the same. People who
are about, "Something that comes from the
heart." Still there is more to this story.
At left: Musical Rock legend "U2" takes an Award for Best Original Song Motion Picture. At
right: Renee Zellweger wins an Award for "Chicago", Best Performance by an Actress in a
Motion Picture Musical or Comedy and Richard Gere wins for "Chicago", Best Performance
by an Actor. Photographs courtesy of HFPA.org and the Hollywood Foreign Press.

Gene Hackman
The Cecil B.
DeMille Award
Michael Caine
Meryl Streep
Nicole Kidman
for "The Hours"
photo credit:
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