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Section 1:
(The Before) "Cinema Classics" -- 7 Decades of Fashion. Shot on
location at Chelsea Piers Studio in New York City. On page, captured
moments, shot by Lensman / Documentarian: R. Renda.

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photos on page by R. Renda
We haven't quiet figured out what such an
amazing fashion shoot and story is doing
in the Magazine it appeared in. But
Destiny chose to it to be that way -- and
we are here to document it. What we are
talking about is "7 Decades of Fashion."
The outcome is what some call "Rolling
Stone Magazine meets Vogue Magazine."
This would make sense if it appeared
in either one of those Magazines, even
Esquire, Harper's Bazaar, or GQ. Yet, the
collective works appear in none of these
Mags. The story ... "Cinema Classics"
actually appears in the March 2003 Issue
of a Men's Magazine that has no track
record or real Fashion experience. It is a
Magazine called "Ramp." However, with
Laurie Schechter behind the Fashion
who would expect anything less. Check
it out on a Newsstand or the Library. You
will be surprised. Congrats to you Laurie,
and to the great team that made history
happen. Here is the: before and after.
7 Decades of Fashion appearing
March 2003
Ramp Magazine
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