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The MagaZine
To snow sports -- In the shadow of the Aiguille Rouge
(3226 m), between the forests of Swiss stone pines and
Mont Blanc,
Arc 2000 is the gateway to a skiing area that
is suitable for all levels of skier. With slopes ranging from
the very gentlest to the steepest, it won't take you long to
discover the secrets of this fun snow sports resort ...
Just like its sister resorts at Pierre Blanche and Arc 1800,
Arc 2000 has been designed to blend into the scenery --
to provide great activities and easy access. Bernard
Taillefer, the architect, said, "it took a great deal of time to
understand the lines of force, the relief and curves of the
land, the way the rock juts out of the mountainside, the
colors and soul of the mountains," so that "the resort
seems to grow out of the mountain". Peaceful and sports
oriented, Arc 2000 boasts not only the Olympic speed
skiing downhill ski trail (piste), but also one of the longest
in Europe with a 7 km downhill run and a difference in
altitude of 2,126m. At an altitude of 1,100 m, at the base
of Mont Pourri and near to La Vanoise nature reserve,
Villaroger - is an authentic mountain village which has
preserved its taditional rural way of life. Within the skiable
area it shares with Les Arcs is the end of one of the
longest pistes starting at the summit of Aiguille Rouge.
photo: S. Godin
photo: P. Lebeau
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