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Above: the screen on stage showing you First hand the licks Ron Wood digs.
Our Hat's Off To You ... HBO, The Rolling Stones, and company --
Thank You ! See it on HBO and HBO on demand.

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The Music Credit:
Keep Me Rockin'
The Rolling Stones
Licks World Tour 2003
Virgin Records / HBO Productions
(get it - on DVD - when available)

Our Hat's off to you -- The
Rolling Stones ! ! ! . . . and HBO
Home Box Office productions.
Proving a point. You do not have to
grow old, when you are young at heart.
The magic of these times.
Gifts technology brings. A
camera is attached to Ron
Wood's guitar, "Ronnie Be
Good" -- to really give you
that First hand being
there experience !
Mick Jagger and the Fashion Wardrobe.
It can not go without saying that the 60's Rock
Group, "The Rolling Stones" over 3 decades
later, in 2003 has demonstrated: the Power of
Life Itself. Like none other, the core of this
musical talent have proved: we have the right to
longevity. The brilliant execution by the lighting
crew, the sound engineers, the backup singers
and the band, along with everyone it took to
make this happen -- gave the audience what
they wanted to see ... A night like no other.
HBO going live with this Event brought every
viewer who watched at home right onto the
stage. Most of the camera work, angles, and
dissolves were flawless and magical. HBO
should be given an award just for preserving the
moment. The Rolling Stones played as if you
were listening to sounds of eternity. They
opened this show with Street Fighting Man and
immediately turned the heat to hot with a flip of
the switch that said START ME UP. It was
MADiSON SQUARE GARDEN with its grand
color stage. But after playing a run of songs
and Sheryl Crow being a Honky Tonk Woman,
the band came down a long runway into the
middle of the arena where they played on a
small nightclub-like stage. Intimately there.
You have to see it to know.
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