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Schott Bros. "Perfecto" leather Jacket celebrates its 75th Year. In these contemporary times, the
1980's, 90's, and in the new millennium: Arnold Schwarzenagger wears it in the sci-fi blockbuster
"Terminator" movies. Funny enough, recently we are watching "Back To The Future II" and The Doc
(Christopher Lloyd) tells Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) to "go buy some 50's clothes." So what did he
go and buy ? You might say to yourself "That's the Perfecto !"

Schott Bros.
75 Years of
Perfecto !
Congratulations ! ! !
When a Company or a family keeps a business together for over 75
years and is still going strong many people would say the same thing:
PERFECTO ! But when your hear people say "Perfecto" and they are
talking about Schott Bros. clothing designs, or the clothing industry,
they may not just be talking about the Legacy. They may be talking
about a particular Jacket. The famed leather jacket made by Schott
Bros. called the "Perfecto." Do you know this Jacket we are talking
about ? You do. Unless you have lived in a cave for the past Century.
Many of the older generation know this
leather Jacket because in the 1950's
James Dean would sport it around
almost like it was his personal
trademark. He also wore
it in the classic film
"Rebel Without A
Cause." And for
another guess
what ? Marlon
Brando wore
it in the film
"The Wild
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