GLANC - you dirtbag. Ever hear this "The Pen is Mightier than the Sword."
I am "THE PEN." Now I write you into history. You called me a "Liar" -
back it up with fact . Asshole !!! You are a Liar along with Nadine Child,
and your Lowlife Employer. AND I CAN BACK IT UP WITH FACT !!! In MY
OPINION - You are, as far as I'm concerned and based on fact: the
BIGGEST slime that walks the earth. And I will write you in HISTORY as
SUCH. By the way - Aaron Gloub should buy you a new pair of shoes. YOU
SEE ! And by the way - Alberto Rizzo spits on your grave. This is America.
Ever hear of the 1st Amendment right ??? You will never take that from
me. NEVER !!!! Nadine Child vs Richard Renda. I will give the Fashion
Industry a good name. And it will be ... Totally Cool . NADINE CHILD ...
YOU AND YOUR TEAM OF LIARS LOST. But you still have to answer to
Life, The Universe, Time, and Your Maker. For Eternity ! May you forever
rot in Hell.

NEHEMIAH GLANC - You taunted me on the 12th floor at the elevators IN THE Courthouse Jan. 29,
2008 with your CHILDISH "loser loser loser" act. And guess what ? It is not part of Discovery : )
And we know that story is going to be told. Debra James should hear about it all, as should the
World - especially what you did at the Elevator. Since you used Debra to do that. And also how -
in the case- you made everything up and used the Court to launch a massive Fraud, a case of
Deceit, as The Facts Will Show. A malicious misuse of judicial process. All the public or we
have to do is look side by side at the initially filed Nadine complaint laced with Fraud and the
fabricated Amended Complaint that followed. But a fact, not opinion -- where TRUTH and Life
are concerned. And ... in the Name of Life itself - I Will Prove It. You try to cover up History.
Now History will Expose you for what you are and the things you ALL chose to do. (What did the
Appellate Court find ? What was their reference ?) "ARTIFICIAL CONSTRUCTION", so noted.
Lacks substance. "You can control some of the people some of the time. But you can not control
all the people all the time." A well know statement belonging to the general public. And you
surely can't control everybody in the World : ) Ever hear this: "The Pen is Mightier than the
Sword." I am "THE PEN." History writes you into Eternity ... for what you are, as it does most
people in the modern age. You called me a "Liar" when I am not. So back your "STRAINED"
Fabrications up with fact. All you know is Paper Games. Only Smoke and Mirrors. Show the
case, without limitations, to a Jury. Show the Facts. Not the lies you made up that have surely
been exposed. What are you afraid of - The Truth ? Because it exposes everything, the lies and
the smoke and mirrors ? And others can come to their own conclusion. The Appellate Court did !
(89 N.Y.2d 1074, 681 N.E.2d 1282, 659 N.Y.S.2d 836 (1997). You presented Lies, and worse -
covering up for a liar. AND MANY CAN BACK THAT UP WITH MORE FACT. HISTORY. By the way,
from an editorial director's professional opinion and from professional fashion stylist experience
- Aaron Richard Golub (the office you work from) should buy you a new pair of shoes. NO STYLE
AT ALL. So true. I LAUGH IN YOUR FACE at the Lies you tell AND I will always be happy to show
them to the public or in what is supposed to be the holiest place in the Land: the Courtroom.
How did the Appellate Court determine your presentation in their Authority: "Artificial
Construction." And "STRAINED" frabications. We haven't even begun. By the way - Alberto
Rizzo would have plenty to say. This is America. Ever hear of the 1st Amendment or the 1st
Amendment Right ? Ever hear of The WORD: Truth ? You will never take that from me. NEVER
!!!! Nadine Child vs Totally Cool (Richard Renda). I will give the Fashion Industry a good name.
And I wil give LIFE a Good Name. As it is and as it will always be - "Totally Cool "

Oh I guess the Nadine Child, in Nadine Child vs Richard Renda, forgot to tell you i don't scare.
Ever. And there is nothing you can take from me. So you lose in every way. And work for
nothing. You work to hide the truth. Transcripts prove that. Talk about stupid. Facts and History
are not stupid - they are Educational for generations to come. You should have walked away
when you had the chance. Did we see her in the Praying position ? Or should I show you a
picture. Religious significance. Depicts - U.S. Constitution 1st Amendment right also.

History has a RIGHT to be Told. And what happens in History has a RIGHT to be known. You have
the Right to tell of the things that happen in YOUR Life -- and of the who does what to it. But some
people think you should not have the Right to tell of the things that Bad people do or even THE
RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH. They call that: The Cover Ups. Let the Frauds and the Liars be Exposed
- in whatever they do. It is all about that word America holds up so highly: Transparency. And
with it (not to be forgotten) the ill wills and the what happens in what is called "The Process."
Simple, when YOUR right is taken away - well ... what comes next.
This is just the tip of the iceberg. "The Value of Truth." A Story To Be Told.

A Jury Trial did take
place in Supreme
Court in
New York. Nadine
Child LOST.
See below.

You should have
committed the suicide
instead to pretending to.
At least you would have
saved yourself from
swearing to God under
oath and then lying more,
being a terrible actress
wannabe, and putting
another sain on your soul
that will remain forever !
your face In Shame !!!!! It
is Written on Official
Transcript - the lies so
deep and profound.
-- EVER !!!!!!!!!
Our Pleasure.
History has a RIGHT to be Told.
And what happens in History has a
RIGHT to be known. Simple When
that right is taken away -- well
what comes next. The History
Blogger --
This is just the tip of the iceberg.
Production. Totally Cool - the
official editorial authority.
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Master Photographer Alberto Rizzo
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Alberto shooting the Mag.
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This is now an ARCHIVE SITE with tons of stuff to have fun with. When you're stressed or just
need a break from the everyday duties of life you can float around here for hours.

for some videos
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more fun
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This site was launched at a time when there weren't many software website building options
and technology was very much in its infancy stages. So the best explanation is it is like a
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Going forward we will be launching: which will continue as "The Official Editorial
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If you think you have "Freedom of Speech" or rights in America - you are wrong, fooling yourself. It is all an illusion. Smoke
and Mirrors. You don't have rights. Because someone will try and take them away and -- CONTROL you. If you want them
you have to fight for them. We give ... LIFE ... meaning, Great Meaning !
This (the George Carlin link below) comes directly from the Summer 2003 Totally Cool
Magazine. I remembered writing this piece up and decided i would see if i could find it.
Lo and behold - found. Take a read. (click link in red.)

And remember -- we were here and ... good people should not be forgotten.
But bad people should be shown for what they are. So be it.
Those that cover up what is are those who should be exposed.
Hence the balance in Life.

The good people in Life should be Honored.

with love.

Totally Cool
richard david renda

In Memory of a Great Comedian - George Carlin 1937 - 2008

EIDTORIAL: This case is more important than just the surface view.

Yes Nadinie Child and her attorneys lied (outright) when they filed a formal suit
and said Nadine only discovered the photographs at issue in the Summer of 2005.
Nadine Child and her attorneys knew all along that the pics were up on the web and
published in the Year 2000. Was there any Justice served ? No. Except a full Supreme
Court trial that was commenced in the State of New York took place June 2011 with a
Jury of 6 and 2 alternates. They, the jury, heard the evidence along with testimony from
witnesses and voted against Nadine Child and her attorneys of "artificial construction"
on all accounts. She lost. You Won !

(Issue Summer 2000 TC Magazine Fashion Story: "Summer Movement")

Plus to add to everything else, It was Nadine Child and her attorneys who called her
a stripper and implied she had involvement with a stripper's pole and no one else at all
implied that - only them.

What is the Ironic thing is there is no such thing as a "stripper's pole"
unless a dancer is actually stripping on a pole - then it may be referred to
as a stripper's pole - otherwise it is a "Dancer's Pole."

And surely a web building software program divider is not a "stripper's pole "
unless you do believe, like Glanc would have you believe: the moon is made of green

But as we said: this case is more important than just surface view. it is important,
paramont important ... because it does involve everyone who ever takes a photograph
in the future again and everyone who even posts a photograph on the web or
anywhere else. And that Justice, "Freedom of Speech", and expression has a right to
exist Fairly. Not that it be intimidated into being confined to a little sandbox, controlled
by fear, or threats - or beaten down by liars and those who would look to play the game
of cover ups to excel in their own deceits.

This is all about the world - it is about you. And it is about True Justice. That one day
Justice do have its day for all.

This is no joke. This is serious. And this is for all Humankind. And for everyone who
in good faith and within the boundries of the Law would like to take a photograph and
preserve the moment or history.


Re: Nadine Child vs Totally Cool 2005 - 2011 ... New York State Supreme Court. New
York, New York. Of course Nadine Child and her partners of lies - Lost !!!! Like the Lying
Slobs they were and are. So noted.

- Welcome -
On page ... editorial Music Credit:
Meatloaf III -- onVirgin Records


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