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Slick Art
Who would have guessed Grace is an artist. I
didn't. And another photographer who actually
comes out of that era of time said, "I didn't know
either." So that is the point. Something we should
know about and did not. Okay Slick, Grace Slick,
that name may ring a bell for you. It may sound
familiar. It should. Grace Slick was / is the female
vocalist that rocked the whole 1960's generation.
She was the high energy lead female vocalist to a
musical legend called Jefferson Airplane. If you do
not know their work and would like to know what are
the classics of that movement -- try the cd albums
"Surrealistic Pillow" and "Volunteers." In that order
you will get an ear full. Now Grace has enbarked
on her other talent as an Artist. She creates images
that children will find captivating. And she also
creates Art that is more suited for the Adult. Her
line images and self portraits leave an impression of
Great Emotion. And that is exactly what good Art
does. It creates Emotion.
When we say "Slick Art"
are we talking about artwork
that is cutting edge and hip
to the times we live ? Well,
yes definitely. And then
again. No. What we are
really talking about is The
Artist Grace Slick.
The Mad Hatter
Artist: Grace Slick
Grace Slick now
happy with her paint
brush, keeps the
microphone for those
younger days. Grace
has been painting
professionally for
several years and
her work is loved by
collectors, as well as
There are a number of good resources where people can buy Slick Art on the web. But all this was brought to
our attention by Andrew from "Mission Licensing Group." Andrew has a History of his own that is - "colorful"
would be the right word and we will do that down the road. Now we will travel through The Wonderful World of
Grace Slick ... Slick Art. Grace Portrait, The Mad Hatter, and Pearl (Janis Joplin) immediately above courtesy
of Andrew and the Mission Licensing Group. They handle the works. www.MissionLicensing.com
also a good source for Artwork is
Slick Art by Grace Slick
A Walk Through Wonderland
The Cheshire
The Doormouse
Ooooo ... The Red Queen
Alice Napping
Oh no, oh no Humpty Dumpty don't fall.
The Timekeeper
White Rabbit In Wonderland
Through The Looking Glass
Time For Tea
Smoking Caterpillar
Grace Slick Artwork - "Copyright Area Arts."
Grace Slick Artwork ... "Copyright Area Arts. All rights reserved."
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