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Photographs of Sachi in yellow HOT Pant
by Chad Boutin
photos by Chad Boutin
M.A.C. ART -- All races all sizes all ages -- "Works In PROGRESS"
As promised, we said we would do a Part 2 to our previous story called M.A.C Art. - this is it. The story is about
one thing. That the works of hard working people should not whisper away into the winds. Here it is Preserved.
A Moment In Time.
Photographs by Kenneth Rumments
This Is The Inspiration.
- Now Let's See A Finished Project -
Sachi being painted in an Esteban Cortazar outfit.
Sachi - you are going to get a kick out of this story. Wanted to let you know, when you were finishing the
week Friday in the green Richard Tyler outfit and we had that conversation about what outfit was liked the
most through the week -- our choice was "The one with the Yellow Hot Pant." We were on the go. So it
never registered who was in it. Then when the tape was looked at it showed that it was actually you ("the
favorite one") in the Hot Pant. What a nice surprise. Life can be funny sometimes. Hope everyone likes
this Finished Piece of Work. Call it "Living Art." Call it ... an image of You. Hugs. Sent with Love.
Very Special Thanks to: M.A.C. Cosmetics, all the M.A.C. Cosmetics Artists, and all The Models.
For more information
on the world of M.A.C.
Art see 2nd quarter
of the Mag (Spring

For more information
on human interests
projects by M.A.C.
Cosmetics or for
more information on
M.A.C. Cosmetics
you can go to ...
Shot on location in The BIG Gotham -- Manhattan, New York City
A Works In Progress. Photographs by Kenneth Rumments on The Olympus E1
Digital Pro Still Camera.
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