Each of these Full-time hard working members of the press, because they are in another venue and can not get to the
next venue 2 hours in advance, has a spot marked (taped) on the floor. And this is respected at the highest accord. We
make sure everyone has a place, and that "everyone" gets the shot, and that the Designer will get maximum positive
exposure. It has been maintained like this for a decade. Like me, I sit in a certain place to ensure everything goes great
for everyone. I even take time to walk the runway and make sure the people sitting in the front row uncross their legs so
you do not have to look at the dirty ugliness of the bottom of their shoes. Makes for a much more beautiful picture. And
there are certain people who sit along side of me like European Press Association (EPA) photographer Jason Szenes -
who has his images published many times on page 3 of the New York Post throughout the week. When the noon show,
Zang Toi, ended we all headed over to the press corral to prep for the Richard Tyler show. Well there it was - a PR Rep
with the "selective" list. And he was giving away the marked spots of photographers who worked all week long to others
who would not ever give Richard Tyler actual public exposure. I decided I was not going to shoot this show because
they invited the press to be there and this is how the press was treated. But ON video TAPE the PR Rep told me outright
"everyone would get in." So I recorded what happened in the waiting area. Then I scooted out to the lobby of the Tent
complex to give some extra exposure to the many great Sponsors who have displays there, like Johnson & Johnson
body lotion - M.A.C. cosmetics - and Redken (to name a few). I next headed to an area where Olympus had computers
set up for The Press to access. Walking a few feet I looked up and saw a photographer who I knew had been working
every show possible for a solid week. When I asked him, "what are you doing here - I thought you were shooting the
show ?" He replied "Richard Tyler's people said: NO." He could not go in to shoot the show. Then I saw another photog
working on a computer, a great photographer who has shot the fashion shows for almost as long as I can remember.
She said she had problems with Tyler's Doorman, even though she also received a 1 a.m. faxed invite requesting her
presence. Then she asked me (on tape) if I thought they did that to keep us from going to the Donna Karan Show which
was being held off site. I had not considered that whatsoever ... but it was an interesting question ... considering it was
the outcome. None of this is to be held against Richard Tyler. I know him a lot of years and that is not what he is about.
It's just that sometimes certain PR People are into the power thing gone to their head. Then what happens is life makes
it so there is the tape showing the PR person saying "everyone was let in" as you see the act of what is really a "bold
face liar." The good news ? We do not let people get away with mistreatment. We document it. And -- that is good news.
B. Michael photographs by Chad Boutin in the Studio Noir venue (which means in the "black"). Right, the walls
and ceiling of this venue in The Tent Complex are black. Beautiful for taking artistic photographs. That's B.
Michael upper right. B started his show here with uniforms featuring UPS. That's right: United Parcel Post.
Then he showed the beauty of what is "B. Michael" (shown here - lower right).

Laurie S. Schechter
"World's First Vogue Style Editor"
Stay Tuned. On the road
... to the Future ...
Section: 2
Totally Cool
The Magazine
outtakes and misc.
Editorial Music Credit:
Leave A Little
Something Behind
Lina Koutrakos
WKF Music
ToTaLLy CoOL - "The Official Editorial Authority"
copyright 2004
All rights reserved.
On Every Page There Is
A Song. Wait. And adjust
... your volume.
A Magazine
Richard Renda
Editorial Director
Gen Art
At left - fashion designer Richard Tyler and
book author Karen Bressler. This one is a
little harder to write about because what we
do is "always good news all the time." And
this has a problem. Maybe the good news is
that someone does tell the story. But we will
keep it short for now until we talk to Richard
about it personally and give him a chance to
respond. Then we will do more. As we said,
the selective mistreatment of the past had
been basically eliminated by most Public
Relations Teams and if they maintained a
white sheet clipboard list of press members,
as of late, it was only used to keep track of
who appeared to cover their show. For a
whole week and out of nearly 100 designers
during the previous season only 2 Designers
were guilty of less then kind treatment upon
all the WORKING Press. Richard Tyler was
showing on the last day, a Friday.
The MagaZine
The Kenneth Cole Collection in "The Tent" on a 3
sided runway. Photographs by Chad Boutin. Kenneth
started with shoes, accessories, and men's clothes.
Now he does it all. And Kenneth Cole does do the
most profound, caring, copylines the World has ever
seen. A man who makes you think ! C-o-o-o-o-l.
Alice Roi showing at the Pavilion in The Tent Complex. Here the room was prepared to accommodate
a three sided runway. What is known as the "U" shaped runway without the rounded edges.
The photographer is Chung Lee
Pamella Roland showing in "The Atelier" venue, a fixed "U" shape runway . Photographs by Kenneth Rumments.
The Kenneth Cole Collection - photographed by Chung Lee in
"The Tent." The Tent is the largest of all the venues. It can hold
up to 2000 people. Also black, it is most times "Daylight lighting."
Okay see ya on the runway ... Totally Cool !

Onward. Fashion in these times
(and the going Forward).
"Olympus Fashion Week"
photograph by Tina Paul
Vivienne Tam Models. Backstage: photographs by Chung
Here is an interesting Story from The Pen of Richard Renda.
Aside from being longtime members of the Press we also do streetwear
to high end Fashion Styling for many magazines and advertising
campaigns. In 1995 I was backstage shooting Vivienne's get ready for
the show. When it came time to send the girls on the runway everyone
had their hands full and there was no Fashion Stylist -no eyes- to do a
final check on the girls to make sure everyone was looking perfect. Just
in passing I mentioned that what we also do professionally is "high end
fashion styling." Vivienne heard that and asked if I would help. I put my
video camera down and she placed me right at the inside entrance to
the runway. Every Model was given a final review and then sent out on
the runway. Needless to say, the show was "flawless." Moral of the
story ... you never know where you will be when destiny calls. Since
then we have all gotten a little older ... and what is there to say about
Vivienne Tam ? She has surely endured the test of time. She is still
here. It is all about one thing: creating good memories.
Oscar de la Renta. Backstage for Hair and
Make-up. TC still photographer Chung Lee.
(next 4 below) Backstage at Bill Blass. Photographs
by Kenneth Rumments
The Cynthia Rowely Collection showing in "The Pavilion" venue. Photographs by Ken Rumments taken on the Olympus
E1 Pro Digital Still Camera
. Here Cynthia lines the runway perimeter with tables and invites you in for a special treat.
"photo of a poster" (above) was captured
by Photographer Ken Rumments on a
Olympus E1 Pro Camera
As September 2004 arrives on the Calendar
it marks the 2nd season of Fashion in New
York where Olympus Camera is "officially"
the lead Sponsor for the shows held under
The Tents at Bryant Park. Many people tip
their hats with happiness in the direction of
Olympus and say "we are honored to have
you there." You might ask what makes this
different from seasons before ? Without
explanation and simply put: Olympus Cares
About People. It is not about the selective
treatment of what is now at this point the
defrocked "A list". It is about the work you
do. It is about people being equal. So with
that inspiration there is only one thing to do
... get out there and preserve History. It's all
about you, what History you will leave behind.
Take one picture at any time and then: just
stare at it. You will see exactly what we are
talking about. Smile !
- Welcome To The World Of Clothes -
Fashion From One Season To
The Next
As the Collections arrive in New York at the
famed Tent Complex there are a number of
venues prepared. Here we take a look.
We just got Word that the people at Harrison & Shriftman Public Relations have the book coming forward called
"Fete Accompli !" (A play on words. French for "Party Accomplished" ... "done deal" ... and / or "mission
accomplished !"). Tips about how to put together a Great Party. Could be a great gift for someone you love who
does want to be in the know. A big Congratulations to everyone at Harrison & Shiftman Public Relations.
Famed 1970's Supermodel ... Pat Cleveland.
There are some really great stories involving Oscar de
la Renta ... like the launch party of his Perfume "Pink"
and The Feburary 2000 failed P.E.T.A. attack. But we'll
save those for later.
Bringing out the best. Supermodel Karen Bjornson.
Oh, and did this PR person damage Donna Karan's show ? It depends if you care how beautiful your visual presentation
is. Donna held 2 shows. One in the middle of the week and one at the end. For the first show nowhere did you see the
bottom of someone's shoes in your face. Because the Richard Tyler fax interrupted my schedule, making it too late to
get to Donna's closing of the week show -- let's just say there was more "sole" seen than one may have wanted. Written
by Richard david Renda. And while we are on the subject ... A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS goes out to Donna Karan:
Happy 20th Anniversary. We wish you many many more. Talk about enduring the test of time. Maybe if Richard Tyler
had Christy Hood as his Public Relations PR -- this story would have been different, very different. : )
backstage at Richard Tyler
Generally (although we did for many years) we will not cover Richard because of the prejudice shown toward people at
the door. (And don't get me wrong, Richard Tyler does do some of the nicest upper end fashion designs. Matter of fact if
you saw the MAC Art in our last issue Sachi was painted in a Richard Tyler design. I would not say that because of all this.)
At 1:00 a.m. we received a Fax requesting the press to cover Richard's Fashion Show. Everything talked about here is on
video tape and this writer can (will if pushed) show it as: a fact. Here is the set up. Certain members of the Press work
Fashion Week everyday for the full duration. Every hour on the hour from 9 in the morning til at least 10 at night they go
from location to location from venue to venue. This also includes local press people as well as the international press.
For anyone who is mistreated by any Public Relations
power trip ... Remember this, it will help you: "When
one person says "no", there are 10 others that will
say "Yes." Good people will want you there.

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