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The MagaZine
Tracy Reese, as you will see, stays close to the body and pays attention to
detail. Again looking at each outfit, they to are all about putting it together.
The photographer is Chung Lee.
This is a good example of the detail work found in a Tracy Reese design.
Again we see Tracy's dedication to detail. This time we see it in the shoulder design on the
Top (left) and the side of the pant (right), along with things like the waistband of the pant and
the intricate weave of the fabric.
Gen Art
Tracy Reese
Fashion Design
Tracy Reese has something for
every lady. From the school girl
who wants to look good to the
career minded woman who knows
the specific meaning of style.
Tracy herself has an interesting
background. Before she created
her own label she was Design
Assistant to Guru Fashion Great
Marc Jacobs. Tracy's range
complements her experience
since she does know what a
woman wants. Tracy Reese
Fashion Designs are also found
in the finest Clothing, Speciality,
and Department stores around
the world.
photo credit:
Chung Lee
for more information on Tracy Reese clothing
she has a website at
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