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For the "Charity Network of New York" Rocks Fashion event the organization included new
and upcoming Fashion Designers Shakti, Gharani Stork, Rush, Sam Rhone, Mazine, Anna
Fuchs, Sumie Tachibana, and Von Dutch. Some of the most effective and important charitable
work is conducted by the smallest and least known charities. Despite their great contributions, small
charities struggle to survive and grow because they lack fundraising, infrastructure and visibility. Charity
Network was created to help these charities. CN consolidates sponsors, locations, volunteer staff,
marketing assistance and administrative services to produce fundraisers that make a difference.
Small worthwhile charities gain both funding and exposure while incurring little or no cost.
photograph by Kenneth Rumments.

Gen Art
The Charity Network of New York City brings their cause to Avalon (formerly Limelight).
Staying "true to form" the nightclub Avalon again puts its hand out to help people. The organization Charity Network
of New York is focused on raising funds to help the smaller Charities who have it hard during tough times.
Avalon Nightclub
at 20th Street and
the Avenue of the
Americas in New
York City offers
their venue for
good causes.
They also donate
proceeds which helps
people in need. This
is the New York Rocks
Fashion. We tip our
hat to everyone at
Avalon and say
"Thank you" for
being there.
Good Stuff.
by Kenneth
New York Fashion Rocks for Charity at the Avalon.
Photographer Jason Block.
"Art Start" aims to value and nurture the voices, hearts and minds of under-served children and teenagers
and help them to transform their lives through the creative process. The charity offers several programs,
including the "Art in the Shelters" initiative, which works with homeless kids in New York City to help the
children develop self expression and raise self-esteem through the process of making art. www.art-

"Opening Act" provides after school theater programming to New York City's public high schools that have
no or few theater opportunities for its students. Its programs provide a permanent theater space in each
partnering school, where students can develop their creativity while learning acting technique and working
collaboratively to write and perform original ensemble productions. www.openingactnewyork.org

"HARMONY" (Housing Authority Resident Musicians of New York) utilizes the untapped resources of the
city's many college-level musicians to develop the musical talents of young students who would not
ordinarily be exposed to music education such as children in grades 4-7 who are residents of public
housing in New York City.

"Voices Found" sends professional writers and visual artists to work with children at New York City
HIV/AIDs centers. It is a program that brings joy into the lives of kids who struggle to have a happy

"Afro Brazil Arts" empowers children through capoeira and is based on the belief that capoeira has the
unique ability to teach focus, discipline and respect. Afro Brazil Arts has earned a stellar reputation among
New York City educators for instilling FDR in some of New York City's toughest schools. Children learn
dance, song and Brazilian instruments. www.afrobrazilarts.org
Below are some of the organizations being Helped By The Charity Network of New York City.
Remember the World we live in, the children, the seniors, all people need a little help sometime.
CN emphasis is on charitable organizations and non-profits oriented to disadvantaged children.
(bottom 3 photos - captured moments - by photog Jason Block.
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