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Section 2:
outtakes and misc.
Editorial Music Credit:
Stranger In A Strange Land
Leon Russell
Capitol Records

A Magazine Alive
Richard Renda
Editorial Director
Gen Art
by Plie
Ruffle leather coat by Dragovoja Van Horn.
A very special "Thank You" to all the hard working and
so talented Lenspeople on The TC Team. A surperb job
well done ! You make Life proud. From One Season
To The Next.
Richard --

PS: If you were supposed to appear in this story and
were not here ... just contact us and we will drop you in.
For further information on Gen Art
Events or to become a Member go to
Richard Renda on the steps
of The Manhattan Center.
Oh did we forget to mention
that Gen Art has an Avant
Garde category ? Talk about
creative. Imagine wearing
one of these to The Ball !
photographs by
David Weissner
Wait wait ... this party is not over. Matter of fact, the party has not even started yet. Now -- it has begun. After
each of the two major runway events held by Gen Art annually, there is always -always- a Party afterward. And trust
us, it is usually one of the very best Parties held in this whole City of The World. Welcome to New York City. And
welcome to the New York City inner circle scene. This is called "The Insider's Insider." And you are now part of that.
You all enjoy the day : )
photographs by David Weissner
One more thing ... anyone who knows us knows we do not have an Event without having a great Security team there.
And we always like to give the Crew a BIG mention.
Party Time !!!
Now imagine having a job with perqs like this.
Talk about Security crisis ! Two men with three Ladies. What do you do now ? Have fun and smile a lot. Totally.
Oh, did we hear someone
say something about ...
Avant Garde --
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