Vasseur - Esquivel designs may be hard to find anywhere in the United States. The design
duo have shown their Creations under the Tent on the runway in the New York City Bryant
Park Complex to the delight of the many. However ... they are, as a design team, from France
and Argentina respectively. You may have to travel to those countries for this look.
Photographs by Jason Reiser.

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Vasseur - Esquivel designs have a certain European / South American flair.
Some lightweight and some extemely see through. More Sexy !
Gen Art
Beauty Shot ... on the Vasseur - Esquivel runway in New York City. Photographs by Jason Reiser.
Some times the
right accessory
to a good look is
great make-up.
Shine is a
popular look
when it is done
tastefully. A mix
of contrasting
shades in eye
shadow creates
an intriguing
look (as shown
here on page).
Vasseur - Esquivel Designs.
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