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Gen Art holds two MAJOR Events through the year in New York City. One is their "Fresh Faces"
professional runway event which brings to the fashion industry new and young Fashion Designers that
have dreams of making it and having a life in The Fashion Community. The other event, which is
what this one is, is the annual event known as "Gen Art Styles." What they do for this event is gather
all the best of the talent they have seen throughout the year and present a panel of Judges that may
recognize the achievement of the talent and give them an Award. The best and most fun people
come out to Celebrate this event. That is Shoshanna (above). Photographs by David Weissner.
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At left is Kimora Lee Simmons in the Spotlight. At right is Mina looking
(ouch) Sexy.
Section 2:
Gen Art
This is the story of Gen Art. As we write this and look at the overview to the full picture we know this story
could be about each individual Accessory Designer or Fashion Designer, but that is not what this is going to
be about. You can go to the Gen Art website for particular information. This story is about Gen Art itself
and something that happened on the steps of The Manhattan Center ("The Hammerstein Ballroom").
Gen Art is a not-for-profit organization
that has grown leaps and bounds over
the years. They support the Arts and
provide an avenue for new and emerging
talent to travel. They hold events like
movie screenings, parties, installations,
and so much more all across America
from the east to the west coasts. They
get their resources from you by inviting
membership and bringing on Corporate
sponsors like (but not limited to) Nokia,
Perrier, and L'Oreal. While we tell this
story we are going to take a journey into
their Gen Art Styles event with pictures
and people and see what the words
"creative talent" mean.
photographs by
David Weissner
Super wonderful, super nice, supermodel Alek Wek with a super big smile.
Hey Alek -- Big Hugs. Richard
The "always" Dapper (stylish) Patrick McDonald
Gina Smith and Graham Tabor
(Tali can you identify this gentleman ?)
Footwear by
"C Label"
Earrings by Nicole Landaw Jewelry
Necklace by
Gretchen Julius
- Captured Moments by photographer David Weissner -
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