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Sass & Bide. The girls from down under showing at the Mountain Top. Sass
& Bide show their first full collection on the New York City runway in 2004.
Photographs by the Lensman .... Chad Boutin.
The double tier ruffle black cut-out dress Millennium Style ... from Sass & Bride.
Inspired by the times we live, fashion has taken an inspiration from the
Military with camouflage pants, shirts, visors, and bullet belts. Here is a take
on the Military / Safari Jacket from Sass & Bide.
The MagaZine
Gen Art
Sass & Bide
From Australia, they are
best friends and their names
are Sarah - Jane Clarke and
Heidi Middleton. They started
at London's Portobello Road
Market with unique Denim
creations that became a big
hit. In 1999 they returned to
Australia and settled in
Sydney where they launched
the label Sass & Bide.
The whole goal of Sass & Bide
was revolutionizing designer
Denim. Their first hot seller
was something called the
"East Village Jean", which
within just a few months made
them an underground icon
label. In 2001 they launched
their first seasonal collection
to rave reviews. This is what
they have developed into.
photograph by
Chad Boutin
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