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Section 2:
outtakes and misc.
A Magazine Alive
Richard Renda
Editorial Director
The MagaZine
Gen Art
Gen Art
MC for the

Top Model"
TV show

This Lady
is the most
Fashion Designer.
Never above anyone
and always makes time
for people: Patricia Field.
(Private note:
Janice, Tyra
-- we have to
talk. Explain
this to me.)
Okay this is the story. It is short ... but makes a point. I am standing on the steps of the Manhattan Center , 34th
Street between 8th and 9th Avenues. 3 Gentlemen are standing there with me. Of course we have their picture but
not showing them - out of kindness. Each of the Gentlemen was dressed in a very nice suit. The men are ages, a
guess, between 28 and 35. One man says "What is Gen Art ?" I replied "They are not-for-profit supporting new talent."
One of the men said to his friend, "That is what they used to be, now they are just a BRANDS organization." (below)
The story continued ... I responded with "Look - if you want to have an event of this size - an event you can bring
your friends to so they can have an experience like this - you better hope there is something in the way of
Corporate Sponsorship ... or you are not having an event of this proportion. And Gen Art puts on events all
across the Counrty." He admitted I was right. Then went inside to have a really good time.
Now to give the story: A Wrap.
The Editor-In-Chief and I have
watched Gen Art grow from a
decade ago when they used to
help Fashion Designers break
into the industry back then. They
would put their Fashion Show
on in a little hideaway Museum
on Broadway about a half a
block north of Houston Street on
the east side of the street. One
designer who came from those
roots is Han Feng. From there
she grew and then showed in
The Tents at Bryant Park. How
big is Han Feng ??? Well about
a year ago she had "ALL" the
windows at Lord & Taylor on
Fifth Avenue. Can't ask for
more than that. Except to say:
Remember where you came
from. And remember Gen Art.
They are about people, they are
about progress. "Thank you
Gen Art", as we say that for all of
those who forgot to say it. And
"Thank You" to all the Sponsors
who help make things happen.
We are with you. Totally Cool
Written by Richard Renda,
Here are some of the fashion creations shown on the runway at the Gen Art Styles Competition.

Michael Kaye Couture
Martin Lim eveningwear
MyPhuong Fashion Designs
Catherine Leung
Dresses by Natalie Anne
Photographs by David Weissner for Totally Cool
Ready To Wear: Katie Zorn LLC
Martin Lim
Fashion by Ruth Wilson
Fashion by Ruth Wilson (with the Jacket on).
The Panel of
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