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While talking with an Editor they asked what we thought of The Baby Phat Collections ? Then the
next remark was: "It is not really wearable." Our response was, "That may be true, unless you are
going out to the club or somewhere you can have a hot flashy night on the town." The Editor agreed
"well that is true, if you are going to the Club." Hello, that is usually what you do when you get
decked out like that. Okay, if you don't have the body for the look -- it will not work. But put it on a
body type like Paris or Nicky Hilton and we would bet our bottom dollar you will look twice too. Not
that those ladies need any more attention. Photos by Lensman David Jacquot.
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Richard Renda
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Putting It
Together ...
Photos by
David Jacquot
Gen Art
Baby Phat Designs
When it comes to a wardrobe
many times it is about how you
put it together. And Kimora Lee
Simmons' Baby Phat can always
put it together. Earrings, a little
something on top, maybe a glove,
and some other accessories.
See ... together.
We enlarged this photo because we love the make-up on the eyes.
Wild. The outfit is kind of cool too. What do you think ?
It is all about how you put it together.
If you are stuck in the mud and have no idea what the words "New Millennium" mean ... they mean new
creations and new design ideas. Any sexy woman around us wants to wear this stuff in my house they are
welcome ... anytime !
Did someone say "Sexy Baby Phat Designs" ? Definitely.
Reflections of Kimora Lee Simmons.
photographs by David Jacquot
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