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Lacoste clothing, for nearly 20 years, only consisted of -- one white shirt -- with the Crocodile logo embroidered on it.
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Lacoste, since it began, has come a long way from just one white shirt.
Lacoste photos by The Chung ... the Lensman: Chung Lee.
Lacoste as we can see looks good on everyone ... the conservative and the Hip !
Gen Art
Watch out. There may be something wild on this page. Quick get The Crocodile Guy from
Down Under. Wait, never mind. Not to worry. This Croc is a friendly Croc. He is hiding under
this Jacket. You have probably seen it a thousand times on the shirts and jackets of many an
outfit. It is that famed logo ... the Crocodile that tells you: if you see it on a piece of clothing --
that garment was most likely made by the long established sportswear company
(unless it is a knockoff and not the original thing). The little Crocodile is known for what is called
the "preppie look."
photograph by
Chung Lee
Lacoste fine clothingwear
began in France with its Crocodile
logo shirt in 1933. From there it
was all History. It was tennis
player Rene Lacoste that was the
inspiration for the logo and clothing
line. In 1933, Rene and his team
mates took from the Americans for
the first time: The Davis Cup. Like
we said ... it is all History from
For a little more
History, in 1963 it
was Rene Lacoste
who invented the
"Steel" Tennis
Racket. Which
was then used by
tennis greats
Jimmy Connors and
Billie Jean King.
For a little history.
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