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This image is "Beyond Hanas Gate." Artist Christian Riese Lassen. Christian has much he brings to this world
including books, greeting cards, watches, jigsaw puzzles, scuba gear, and tons of fun memorabilia. His artwork is
seen not only on canvas but also on things. Could you imagine a Christian Lassen piece of Art painted on the side of
your car ??? Well, when you see Christian's range of work you learn one thing: "nothing is impossible." If you need a
break from the stress of everyday living check out his website, you'll enjoy it like a breath of fresh air.
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When the going gets tough, the tough need something beautiful in their life to remind them of all that Living in this
World does have to offer. The simple but wonderful things in Life. There are few people that offer that reminder as
well as the artist Christian Riese Lassen does do it. While some Warmongers are painting rivers of blood on the
streets of this earth for the children and the world to remember, Christian Lassen is painting rivers of color. His
images always say something. And they say: "Look at Life around you. It is and can be pure beauty." The moral of
the story is when you want to get beyond war and hate -- the way to do that is to hang a picture created by Christian
Lassen on your Wall. You will then remember what Life IS all about. Maybe if more people did this others would
realize there is no room for war in the modern day times of our world and the Future. This is all about living. Mr.
Lassen is what we call ... A Prophet in Art. Now take a look at what we are talking about and see it for -- yourself.
All artwork by
Christian Riese Lassen
Working with acrylics, enamels, and oils, Christian Riese Lassen is Hawaii's premier marine artist. His paintings
and sculptures are on display in Galleries across the United States and throughout Japan. He is also a "World
Class" surfer and windsurfer. When Christian was a child his family moved to Maui. The love he has for the ocean
has been in his heart and blood all his life. From all of that came these major strokes of genius: Lassen Art !
"Moonlit Cove"
"Amber Dawn" by Christian Riese Lassen
clockwise: Velvet Memories,
Caress, Blue Surfing, Cubisface.
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