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As a gift from the Whitney Museum's Biennial Celebration the Central Park Skaters were given
Colors to skate on. This visual Fantasy raised the spirits of every Skater, visitor, and onlooker
that feasted their eyes on the fanciful Artwork. This is a never happened before event. We
wanted to "Take You There" ! This is what change looked like. And this is what it is all about.
Captured Moments by Richard Renda. Special Thanks to the Whitney Museum and The Public
Arts Fund for making this a special time in New York City ... History.
It is a nice Day. What better thing to do then to do: a Photo Shoot ? Bring your own clothes (and rack).
Although, looking at the shots below, you could say: clothing "optional". Well it is a Photo Shoot.
Wheel Things Happen !
Ramps & Amps
Chorus of Colors - Ribbet
An event that can not go undocumented. Almost every weekend a group
of peoples get together inside Central Park just south of 72nd street
and Fifth Avenue. These people are known as the Central Park Skaters.
The skaters usually skate on a plain black
tar surface. This time it was different.
The Whitney Museum as part of their Biennial Celebration joined in with the Public Arts Fund and commissioned a
brightly colored mural that was to be put on the surface of the Skater Circle. Butterflies and colorful creatures oh my.
Hold the Shot please ! Pose !!! This is South American Music Talent: Los Super Elegantes.
Felix -- high kicking (with hoola hoop accompaniment), the cutie skating on one foot, and Paul on the curb.
This young lady is puttin' down some dance moves to her skate thing. But see the rainbow colored pants in front of her.
He gets in her way. Uh oh, be careful. Little lady with an attitude.
Now check this out. This is the look that little lady turned around and gave the skater in the rainbow pants for
getting in her way. Attitude, attitude. What it is all about. All about having FUN !
Steve in the middle with friends
doing a 3 skater routine.
Central Park Dance Skaters Association officials ...
Bob Nichols and Lezly.
Nelson on fronts. Spinning 360's with one arm out .
Nelson up on one wheel - one skate.
Bob with what is his sunny summer smile.
Skating in Color.
Rama Chorpash is the artist who, along with AVAF
Floorscape, created the colorful floor mural.
Wheel Fun !
But always wear lots of protective gear ... just in case.
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