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Beauty in Art
Christian Riese Lassen
"Hawaiian Tropic Pageant"
"Remembrance WAR"
We called Christian Riese Lassen "A Prophet in Art" in the beginning of the story as
we viewed the works. Then we found this, and it proves our point. "I believe in making
a difference through my art. In my work I seek to act as a messenger, alerting people
all over the world to the deterioration of the global environment ... and to the need as
well for greater understanding and respect for the world's diverse cultures. The Earth's
irreplaceable treasures are steadily being eroded, but each of us, collectively and as
individuals, can make a difference and must ! This is my message", Christian Lassen.
So there it is. Like we said. Stressed ? Want something Beautiful in your Life ?
Hang one of these on your wall. And remember, there is beauty in art. There is
beauty in Life.

Christian Lassen is the most
successfully licensed artist
in the world today with more
than 70 licensees worldwide.
Major sponsors include the
Walt Disney Company, MCA
Universal, Sumitoro Bank,
National Panasonic, JVC,
and American Greetings.
Christian Lassen's images
adorn hundreds of product
categories. And his talents
are not limited to only his art
pieces. He also dives into the
music scene with the release
of his album: "Turn the Tide."
It brings forward Christian's
marine life preservation
theme and captures the
focus of his mission in music
and in words.

An artist may be able to create a vision of Nature but
a full range artist will also create the nude and visions
of the human form. Christian Lassen does it all.
"Contemplation lll"
"Portrait In Blue"
You may get the feeling
that Christian Lassen, as
an artist, has been moved
by other great artists in
history like Picasso for
one. But this image
(featured right) tells a
deeper story. Forget that
it is a nude and look at the
positioning and placement
of the subject being drawn.
Back in the 1900's there
was a musical group, a
band, called "The Cars."
The cover of one of their
record albums (Candy-O)
had a girl on it painted that
had this very same feel.
That look was known as a
"Vargas" or "The Vargas
Girl" by Alberto Vargas.
Christian Lassen continues
that tradition of Woman in
Art with his interpretation
of that same beauty (as
shown here), "Space Nude
lying iris on paper." And
every great Artist must
have an abstract side to
their talent. Which is how
you may see these drops
of water ... "Canvas
Essence." Abstract.
Elation Abstract
Deep Thought
"Premier Vision"
"Goddess" by Christian Lassen
"Spacenude" (sitting)
And then there is also Impressionist Art
Impressions of Maui
Harbor Lights
Aside from the web presentation at, Christian Riese Lassen has his own Galleries
in LaJolla, California -- Nevada, and Hawaii that feature his original works of Art. For 2004,
Christian introduces Lassen's Lady Liberty masterpiece series ... "The Statue of Liberty."
Bayou Morning - 1975
"We are the guardians of the earth and its
oceans and our actions are reflected ..."
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