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When it comes time to get a gift or get something creative for someone many people forget the
special treasures that are found in their favorite Museum's store. Oh right, many people forget that
most Museums have a store. Here we are at our Editorial Director's favorite Museum. Why is this
Museum the favorite ? It must have something to do with our Natural History. That is right, we are
inside of the American Museum of Natural History on Central Park West between 77th and 81st
Streets in the City of The World ... New York City.
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Richard Renda
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Chorus of Colors - Ribbet
loves a
good Frog
And everyone loves
a Frog who is a
Celebrity. Like
Sesame Street's
Kermit the Frog.
Like the
Frog who
was kissed
and turned
into a prince.
Frogs are a way
to tell if we have
a problem with
the environment.
It is a matter of

our Natural History !
Frog flip flops.
A Frog in the Box.
And a lot of
Frogs. Frog
lights. Frog
pens. Frog
sheets and
pillow cases.
is a
lot of
A pail of Frogs. Ribbet, ribbet.
photos by Richard Renda
Where are we having
all this FUN ?
We are in the store at
the Museum of Natural
History in New York City.
When you are young and you see a giant yardstick sized turtle or 30 and 40 foot Dinosaur skeletons or frogs of
fascinating colors you will remember where you were and what you saw. The memory of it has the potential to stay
with you your whole life. Why not, it is only Natural. It is your ... History. So what adventure are we on now ???
Cuddly stuffed animal frogs and all frog gear shown can be purchased at the Americal Museum of Natural History
( Although that is not all this story is about. Maybe we should just hop on to the next page.
Waxy Monkey Frog.
photo courtesy of AMNH.
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