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Section 1:
Totally Cool
The Magazine
outtakes and misc.
Editorial Music Credit:
Sunny Day
Lindenhurst High
School Choir
Live in New York City
A Magazine Alive
Richard Renda
"The Official Editorial Authority"
LIVE ... Totally Cool and The Lindenhurst High
School Choir
Coppertone, longtime makers of suncare products, sponsored a gathering that took place in
Manhattan to celebrate the season of Sun. They did not only sponsor the gathering, they
brought their own Beachfront with them. Sand, beach balls, water floats, and a Beautiful day !
Moments preserved by ... Richard Renda
The Lindenhurst Choir -- from Long Island, New York
come to perform with a Legendary Rock Star.
There is no beachfront there !
Well, then ... someone brought it in.
Ramps & Amps
Chorus of Colors - Ribbet
in Manhattan
This is another very
Special Moment
"Get Smart About
The Sun"
Female Rock Vocalist Pat Benatar appears at Union Square to sing one song, "We Belong."
Photo image by Richard.
The impromptu Gathering is courtesy of Coppertone Suntan products. Special Thanks to Amy, Lindsey,
Nancy, Tara, and everyone at Marina Maher Communications !
You see that chair in the upper right over there ? That seat is for you. We are preparing for a special little
concert. So have a seat. Soak up the Sun. And enjoy the good moments in Life. This is one of them.
This is a Surprise Event. The Press Corps was given short notice that this was going to happen. And if you were there, it
said something. You were Special. Since we think you are all Special -- we are going to take you all there.
This is the rehearsal. It seemed no one was really paying attention
at this point because none of the other Press media recorded this
pre show happening. But someone was paying attention.
all photos on page by Richard Renda, unless noted.
photo credit: (above) David Weissner.
Waiting on a Sunny Day. Up close and personal. Image by Richard david Renda
(above) photograph by David Weissner;
(below) by Richard Renda
Okay, we are about to begin. Are You Ready ? The New York Lindenhurst Choir is also The
Almamater of 1980's ... musical great ... Pat Benatar. Hit Me With Your Best Shot
The Rehearsal. The Lindenhurst Choir doing a Summer Medley.
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