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Ball & Chain
Tony C. & The Truth
Lava Records

Richard Renda
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It's a Ball and Chain.
Ramps & Amps
Chorus of Colors - Ribbet
Nokia / T-Mobile Invitational
The Core Tour
It would not be fair to show the Ramps & Amps Core Tour and only show The Ramp sports events and not
talk about the AMPS part, the music that entertained visitors throughout the day. The two Rock bands that
stood out for this afternoon in the sun was first a Band called Chronic Future from the Interscope record
label. Chronic Future played for the first time in public their release: "New York City." The other band,
which played most of the evening, was Tony C. & The Truth from the Lava records label. Tony C. and The
Truth played their hit song Ball and Chain, amongst others ... and they did cover Rock legends AC/DC.
photos by R. Renda
Nokia / T-Mobile Invitational
The Core Tour
- How High Can YOU Fly -
The South Street
New York City.
Tony C.
Tony C. & The Truth
lead guitarist on
a fusha Gibson
Les Paul guitar
Immediately above, on stage, is Chronic Future performing "New York City" on Interscope records.
This is the view from the top edge of The Half Pipe ramp setup. Tony C. & The Truth performing Live in the twilight.
If you look just below at right you can see Richard's feet hanging off the edge and this is what he is looking at. If you
can't get Him to The Half Pipe, bring The Half Pipe to Him: and he will come. Totally Cool : "Takes You There !"
Below -at left- History is made. What you will see is something called "The 900." This is the 1st time it was
ever performed successfully in The State of New York. ALSO: would like to say, Very SPECIAL THANKS to
Meredith Cammaker and Bragman Nyman Cafarelli PR ... for keeping us Plugged In ! Thank you.
This was pure special.
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