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Section 1:
City of Ice. One large block of ice fused to another big block of Ice and so
on. This how all these stuctures are created. Like the Russian building.
(Tea in the tea room ? Only kidding. We wouldn't want the world to melt
around us. I'm melting, I'm melting.) Captured moments by
photographer R. Todd King -- (all rights reserved).
Ramps & Amps
Chorus of Colors - Ribbet
of ICE

images by
R. Todd King
The Great Ice
Wall of China.
When you walk
this wall you
must remember
are walking
on ice. Even
though you may
not be on thin
ice. Still - do you
remember what
it is to walk on
ice ? How is it
done ???
Carefully ...
very carefully.
AHOY ! Everybody
aboard who's coming
aboard. Yes you are
seeing what you are
seeing. This is a full
size ship, ocean
sailing vessel. Hoist
the sails. We are on
a real journey.

Looking for America ...
looking for Columbus.
Ooops, sorry, we're on
the wrong side of the
world for that.
To see and learn more about this cool event and other works of R. Todd King you can go to
We are sure he would welcome your visit. You never know what you may find. Might be fun.
A View of the City of Ice from the Great Ice Wall of China. The City of Ice is made up of structures
that reflect the many cultures of our World: Russia, France, Japan, China, Thailand, Africa, and
even the United States.
A life size horse sculpture made of total cool-ness.
All the ice used in
the cool of these
structures come
from the Songhua
Jiang River in China.
Chainsaws are the
experts tool of
choice to cut the
solid blocks of ice.
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