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Section 1:
outtakes and misc.
Editorial Music Credit:
We Belong
Pat Benatar
Chrysalis Records

A Magazine Alive
Richard Renda
Editorial Director
The MagaZine
Ramps & Amps
Chorus of Colors - Ribbet
On the Beachfront
in Manhattan
at Union Square.
Pat Benatar made a pit stop in the Big Gotham to sing a song. While she was on stage
she spoke to the audience about the dangers of spending time in the sun and not
wearing sunscreen protection. For those people who are under 30 years old and may
not know who Pat Benatar is, she is a female vocalist from New York who produced
through the roof busting music and record albums. Rock cornerstones like "Hit Me
With Your Best Shot", "Promises in the Dark", "Fire & Ice", and so many more. Then
in the later 1980's she married her lead guitarist Neil and moved to L.A. and after that
settled down in Hawaii and had a family. Her music is loved by people of all ages.
That is Pat Benatar. Here she has come to a cross road in the City of the World to
join with her High School Choir and create a new slate in the pages of music History.
photo credit:
Richard Renda

Pat Benatar singing "We Belong."
photos by David Weissner
Female Rock Vocalist Pat Benatar at Union Square in New York City celebrating the Season of the Sun.
Photo by Richard. Very Special Thanks to Amy, Lindsey, Nancy, Tara, and everyone at Marina Maher
In New York on a sunny day good things do happen.
photograph by David Weissner.
Pat Benatar on The Beachfront of Manhattan ...
and The Lindenhurst, Long Island, High School Choir ...
captured Live and preserved ...
by Richard Renda (and friends).
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