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We Belong
Pat Benatar
Chrysalis Records

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There is a point to this story aside from: to be safe when out in the sun and use well respected suncare products. It is
the undercurrent of the whole. We Belong. That is the point. That each human being and individual mind realize that
we are of one species, one peoples on this earth. And that we must stop the fighting against each other before we
destroy the special things life has given. Special things like ... you. It is our hope, and might, to look and see that
one day each person on this planet gets The Message. The simple message that We Belong. We all belong here.
in Manhattan
a moment with
Pat Benatar
This is Lyndsay --
she is going to
build Sand Castles
for you.
photo: Richard Renda
Female Rock Vocalist Pat Benatar appears at Union Square to sing ... "We Belong".
Courtesy of Coppertone Suntan products. Special Thanks to Amy, Lindsey, Nancy, Tara, and everyone at
Marina Maher Communications ! Photo Image by Richard Renda.
It seems Lyndsay did not just build sand castles. She built an Ancient City.
Beyond The Sands.
Pat Benatar
photos by David Weissner
The Lindenhurst Long Island New York Choir, north side of Union Square
photograph by David Weissner
This is the whole chorus saying ... " TOTALLY C -- -- L !!! "
photo by
David Weissner
moment by Richard Renda
For more information about Pat Benatar - The Rock Star ...
try: www.BenatarFanClub.com
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