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Wheel Things Happen ... Felix being laid back while enjoying some cool moves in The City
of the World. Central Park at 72nd Street and Fifth Avenue. When you enter the Park, walk
west about 500 feet and then a little south. Just follow the sound of music (not drum
beating), the sound of Music. For more information on Skating in the Park, you can contact
the Skaters' Association at:
Talk about great moves ?!! Here one skater (Mike, in white) skates towards the second skater and jumps
in motion feet first at his chest. The second skater, Felix, catches the first skater and it looks like this.
This is one of the few places on Earth we know of where people of every race, religion, size, and age are truly
welcome (with arms open). Well ... at least there is one place in the World like that. Better than none. Maybe
there is still hope for the Human race after all. (Maybe.)
Like we said, This is where Wheel Things Happen. When was the last time you wiggled a Hoola Hoop ?
Wheel fun. A segway going bye.
A Day In The Park
Ramps & Amps
Chorus of Colors - Ribbet
Wheel Things Happen
When you live in New York City or if you just come to visit you may be surprised
what can happen in Central Park. The first and most important thing that will
happen is -- you will find yourself SMILING. And the next most important thing is
someone may catch that happening and preserve it forever. You just never know.
by On The Spot reporter
Richard david Renda
The Central Park Skaters' Circle ... in COLOR !
An end of Day.
Not To be forgotten. New York City. These are the travels ... and The Legends of ...

Totally Cool .

preserved moments - photo images - by Richard Renda.
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