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Lorenzo LaRoc has a long and colorful history. He has played with Big Band Greats from the Dizzy
Gillespie Band and the Frank Sinatra Band, just to name a few. Talented would be understating this
musical wonder. He sells his CDs at The Lincoln Square Tower Records in New York City and you
can obtain his CDs also at his web site
-- Images by Richard Renda. Lorenzo LaRoc
also plays the Live Circuit. Maybe you will be lucky and see Lorenzo LaRoc perform on stage.
On Every Page There Is
A Song. Wait. And adjust
... your volume.
Laurie S. Schechter
"World's First Vogue Style Editor"
Stay Tuned. On the road
... to the next journey.
Totally Cool
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Editorial Music Credit:
Track 2
"Live" Under Ground
A Magazine Alive
Richard Renda
This is Master Violinist Lorenzo LaRoc dazzling the eyes of visitors as he plays his five string Viola with
one hand. Seeing is Believing. Listening is Experiencing.
Lorenzo LaRoc ends a song by intentionally making an abrupt stop directly in the video camera
lens of an unsuspecting tourist. Below is what the shot looks like.
Lorenzo LaRoc, Master Violinist

anyone who would like to find out
when and where Lorenzo is playing
Live, he should have the schedule
listed on his site.

Lorenzo LaRoc does this thing where he plays his instrument with 1 hand as the Viola itself points to the heavens.
Richard Renda
LIVE ... In
New York City
Ramps & Amps
Chorus of Colors - Ribbet
"The Official Editorial Authority"
A wise man once said,
"Talent Should always be
given a chance to shine ...
and to be heard."
This is a fun story. Call it
Destiny. Call it a Cross
road. Call it Magic.
Whatever you call it, it is.
On our way to Union
Square, to the Virgin
Mega Store to catch
musical talent Ben
Jelen. A transfer
was made at the
Herald Square station.
And we found this:
The Master Violinist.
The CD "Live From New York" and Lorenzo LaRoc's unique clear 5 string Viola.
PS: Hey Lorenzo ... Congratulations on your child that is on its way.
Wishing you and your hunny all the Best.
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