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Section 1:
Totally Cool
The Magazine
outtakes and misc.
Richard Renda
On Every Page There Is
A Song. Wait. And adjust
... your volume.
A Magazine Alive
Laurie S. Schechter
"World's First Vogue Style Editor"
On the road of what
happens next ...
What's to Say ??? You can never have too much fun !
Ramps & Amps
Chorus of Colors - Ribbet
When it gets
hot out and you
need to cool
down -- this is
the Coolest !
An interesting story of
how the travels in Life
take you somewhere
even when you do not
leave the room. Now
we are in China. We
received an email that
had images attached
people wanted us to
see. Except when
we asked about the
images no one could
tell us any thing as to
how they appeared.
They could not get us
to the source.
We decided to do some research on our own. What we found was the world of R. Todd King. A photographer that
has a feel for the earth he comes from and shows it too. Once we had found who we were looking for we then
decided this is a must do. We must tell the story. And show you what was sent to us. But mind you, if you want
to see more - you have to float around R. Todd King's world and see what it is he does. This is definitely cool !
Ice Castles
City of ICE
photos by
R. Todd King.
All rights reserved.
Yup ! Our email editor
took us to China. This
is Harbin. For a half
year the thermometer
stays below freezing.
As low as 40 degrees
below zero. So what
do you do then ? You
make Cool things.
This Ice festival has
happened every year
since 1985. Mystical
is The Word that best
describes it. In Harbin,
Ice sculpture has been
an organized part of
the culture since 1963.
But it is said that it
actually dates back to
the Manchu dynasty.
The ice festival at Sun Island Park -- north of Harbin's river, Songhua Jiang, brings with it
more than a million tourists from around the world and is filled with bright neon colors
everywhere. Pretty as a rose. Photograph by R. Todd King.
This is the snow festival which takes place just a few miles from the Harbin Ice Festival.
The Bear and cub are a small portion of what is really a huge 50 meter long works of Art.
Feeling a little Cooler now ???
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