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The wonder of a mind that learns. You can sense the smile inside -- as well as see it on the
outside. What is this young lady looking at ??? Maybe we forgot to mention that many times
throughout the year the American Museum of Natural History in New York City presents a
focused collection that both the young and old can marvel at and get involved with.
The moment preserved by Richard david Renda.
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Chorus of Colors - Ribbet
Since we are going to see
an amazing journey inside
the Museum it would be
best if we start at the
beginning. Though
millions of people have
been here, most have
probably never seen this.
At the 77th Street entrance
on the south side of this
4 block building, under a
driveway overpass, is
where this plaque is found.
On it you
see there
are some
facts. Real
The official benchmark
below is a stone stating
your exact location on 77th.
moments by
Richard Renda
Ribbet, ribbet ... what's that little girl looking at ? I hope it is not me ! Uh oh it is me. How do I look ?
Fashionable right ? Okay anyone got a mirror. At least I don't have to worry about combing my hair.
Wait, are my spots on straight ? If they are something's wrong. No -- okay, everything is in its place.
I'm ready !!! Smile ! Okay which one of these humans has the camera ? Who's got the camera ? Is it digital ???
Sorry I don't pose for pictures unless it's Digital. Chinese Gliding Frog by Richard Renda. Defying Gravity. Gliding
Frogs have webbing between their toes. When leaping between branches or escaping toward the ground their toes
spread and the webbing stretches like the wings of a hang glider. Their winged feet allow them to bank and steer
through the air and their adhesive toe pads help them stick where they land. See you learn something new every day.
Now we are inside.
(thee) "The" Museum of Natural History (of The World).
Ellen V. Futter,
president of
the American
Museum of
Natural History.
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