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outtakes and misc.
Tuleh 2004 - 2005. As we mentioned up top, Tuleh likes to mix textures. What you get
is clothing that last many years for you to enjoy and clothing that says "looking good."
Photographs by Chad Boutin.
Here is the Blue Jacket we were talking about. This is "Modern Cutting Edge"
that is not too over the top. Fashion forward that will be in style for many years
to come .... From One Season To The Next.
Tuleh does not have a website at this time. Although
they are not that hard to find. You can call the Tuleh
Showroom in Manhattan for further information on
what stores they are sold in.

Gen Art
Thinking about Back to School ?
Or what to wear on the College
Campus ??? Well let's do it
Sophisticated. For that you may
want to take a look at ...
Tuleh's Designs
mixes a myriad of
textures to create
their own special
style as you can
see here. It can be
simple with a flair
for the conservative
and they can be
cutting edge as
you will see in the
blue jacket shown
below. Tuleh is
an upscale Design
Label that is sold in
many fine clothing
stores around the
World, including
Neiman Marcus
and Saks Fifth
photograph by
Chad Boutin
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