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Ahhh, the
beauty of
La Perla
lingerie ...

Ahhh, the beauty of La
Perla ... Swimwear !
Gen Art
color photographs
by Jason Block
Photographs by TC's "On The Spot" lensman Jason Block.
A bit of Sparkle from La Perla. Images by Jason Block
In Black & White and in Living Color. Going on Vacation ? Go looking good ! In a new Bathing Suit.
It is interesting how some people in New York and other cold country areas think. They think summer ends on Labor
Day. Well, maybe if you are still in school. But the Calendar says it does not end until 3rd week in September and
for some -- they push it to the 1st of October. People should remember: Florida "warm", California "warm", and in
Australia the world is upside down. Life is not just wool. While the Northern Hemisphere is in the throws of Winter
Australia is doing summer. So the point is: the world of Clothes is now A Global Market, not limited to your own
backyard. Maybe you are going on vacation in December to some place warm. The Bathing Suit can be in anytime
of the year. This is La Perla. La Perla is "in" all the time. This is their swimwear. Stylish and sexy, very S-E-X-Y !
The Scallop one piece swimwear design by La Perla.
The Editor-In-Chief says: "Nubby" is not an Official term. Evenso, this is the
Nubby textured top bikini.
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