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Gen Art as you may have thought is about women's Fashion. That is only part of
the whole picture. Gen Art leaves no stone unturned. It is about the Talent. It is
about The World of Creativity. Guess what ? Men and menswear are: included.
Photographs by David Weissner.
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Laurie S. Schechter
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Section 2:
Totally Cool
The Magazine
outtakes and misc.
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Richard Renda
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Gen Art
Dimmer / D' Vrsi
Oliver Helden
Cable Knit Vestlet by Oliver Helden
Confederate Military style shirt by Morgan d'Alessandro
Mens Quilted Hunting Jacket by Morgan d'Alessandro

Dimmer / D' Vrsi
Menswear by
Oliver Helden
Gen Art Style

The annual
Gen Art Styles
Event gives
awards in
each chosen
ready to wear,
etc. We are not
saying who
won or what
we liked. You
decide. You be
the Judge. It is
really about
what you like.
If you want to
know who won
go to
click fashion
and you can
see out who
won what.
Photos by
David Weissner
It is not just about
the women, it is
about the Men too
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