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We do not contend that Bahar Korcan designs are simply "natural" as others have termed it.
We take it that step further and consider her work "Exotic" and absolutely "Mystical" while
still being very wearable. These images are a good example of Mystical (and wearable).
Photographs by Eric Hason.
"The Official Editorial Authority"
Bahar Korcan produces all her clothes from the finest
"natural" materials. Soft, supple, and purely comfortable.
This is Luca Luca. We don't have to say much about Luca Luca designs. Luca Luca fashions, from Italy, go hand in
hand with one word: quality. That is all that need be said. The designs speak for themselves. Sexy, chic, flowy, and
close to the body Luca Luca does it all. Check it out. For the young and the old. Luca Luca has a store in New York City
on Madison Avenue
You have to look at these pants from Luca Luca up
close. Chic and "New Millennium." We love people
who have an idea of what THE FUTURE is all about.
Gen Art
This is fashion by
Bahar Korcan
Bahar Korcan began her fashion
design career in 1992 when she
won first place in "Turkey's Best
Young Stylists" competition. She
is known for having designs of a
natural look in all natural fabric.
photograph by
Eric Hason
Now talk about History ... Bahar
Korcan, in 1993, became "the first"
Designer in Turkey to sell her own
collection. Making it from there all
the way to America should say
something. What it might say is:
"this is a clothing designer to
watch for." We will be watching,
watching to see what she does
next. Best of luck Bahar. Keep
up the good work. Trust us: the
Universe appreciates it !
Luca Luca ... photographs by Eric Hason.
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