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Looking back on the range of La Perla Swimwear -- it can be a simple 2 piece side tie Bikini
to the way more complicated String Bikini (shown below).
Photograph by Jason Block.
Gen Art
photo credit: top left Jason Block. Top right,
bottom left and right David Weissner.
Images by Jason Block
Sealed with a Kiss. Happy 50th Anniversary.
photos: David Weissner.
For more information on La Perla and where they are sold you can go to

The La Perla Swimwear Collection was shown as we partied
at the club "PM" in New York City. Was it a good time ? Well,
here are some of the workers there. Ask them.
La Perla

In Black and
Living Color
Very Special Thanks to our friends at Goldstein Communications and to all
the Models who made this night even that much more Sexier. Much love.
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