You have to think about what you are doing. Where 9 -11 is concerned it is not about: you. It was not your life lost. It is not
about all the people who feel for what has happened either. It is in one sense -- because that is very important, but in
perspective. What it is about, really about -- are the lives of those people who were killed. Each and every single life lost.
They gave to America. So if you had a phone and you could call them, call the Dead and ask ... what is it they want ... the
question is: would you ???? Or would you be silent and let it just be a political football to throw around, the using 9-11 ?
Some people do like to do that, you know. It is Profitable. But much more important ... now ask yourself: if you ask those
who lost their lives "what is it they would want" what do you think they would say, how would they answer ???? I would
bet -my soul- each and every one of the nearly 3000 people who lost their lives would all say the same exact thing: "We
want those buildings replaced, the way they were - no more no less, just built better. Now considering the circumstances,
that is not too much to ask: is it ?" More than a full 3 years have passed. Both Towers (as they were before), if being built
-- put back -- they would be more than half built right now, at this time. Yet ------ today, what we have is: merely a picture of
some Freedom Tower of vanity and nothing other than that. But and still along with, what remains: a big deep huge hole
in the ground
. A Graveyard of silence. Is it about you, what you want -or- about those who lost their lives there ? Now you
have your own opinions. Are you concerned with what the Dead would want ??? Remember what was. And remember
your history ... the history of Humankind. And by that, at least ... some real honor is given. "In Memory."
The Editorial ...
Sometimes I ask myself, "What are people thinking -- are people blind ???"
Have the people of hatred and what came to be -- caused by the Tali Ban, and those given the title "terrorist" ... have they
won ??? In fact, they will have if people in America do not wake up. Iraq is not the one who did this and they had nothing
to do with it. This is about The World Trade Center - also known as "Ground Zero" -- in The City of the World. The issue
to be raised here is not about "vanity proposed" or the ego of men. This is not about some push of so-called: freedom.
This is about what the dead may consider ... the greatest issue of all. This is about if you do not "put back exactly what
was taken" -- in the struggle between good and bad ... the bad will have won. Absolutely - anyway you cut it. They will
have gotten what they wanted. They took away what was not put back. And what people of hatred did do is: take away.
On Every Page There Is
A Song. Wait. And adjust
... your volume.
Laurie S. Schechter
"World's First Vogue Style Editor"
Stay Tuned. On the road
... to the next journey.
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The MagaZine
"Freedom Tower" images by dBox for LMDC (Lower Manhattan Development Corp.)
Church and Liberty Street,
Ground Zero. Trinity Place.
New York City.
The Journey ...And the true story of "The Four
Horsemen." 1500 miles to Ground Zero.
I don't know -- but I see faces in the billowing smoke.
Not knowing what will one will see next.
What goes through one person's
mind ... in this moment.
More than 6 Years to Build. And ...
just 1 Day To Take Them Down.

9 - 11.
Never To Be Forgotten.
Nine - Eleven.
11, 2001
THE 9 - 11 TRUCK
(see story at bottom of this page)
The 9/11 Truck
ROLLING THUNDER. The following email from Marshall Page was forwarded to me by Robert Page. - cw

Have You Forgotten ?!!
This Common Carrier brought us a frozen load of Gilroy Foods today. This truck was awesome. You can
decide whether or not it is. Here is some info that was taken down after talking with the owner operator.
Their names are John & Amy Holmgren. They live in Shafer, Minn. They thought this would be a nice tribute
to the people that lost their lives. It has every name of each person that lost their life on 9-11. This concept
was thought up by John and Amy, and totally paid for by them. John says he will be awhile paying the loan
off that he had to take out to do it but, thought this was the least he could do.

Applied Graphics in Fargo ND did most of the work and Paul Kosenski did the Hand painting. He said that
he got to meet the Country Singer Darryl Worley, who Sang the song "Have You Forgotten" and he has
gotten pulled over 3 times by the police just to get their picture taken by this truck. (I would have pulled him
over too !!!) It is called ... The Rolling 9-11 Memorial.
Rolling Thunder
The "Rolling 9 -11 Memorial." Truck by John and Amy Holmgren.
photo credit: R. Renda
Below is a small sense of the story of: "A moment in a person's life." Received an email from a friend, a notable Jewelry
Designer on the lower east side who told me about this friend he had, an artist he knew. He told me the story of a person
who lived September 11, 2001 through her eyes and the eyes of others. She had / has a Studio at the doorstep of Ground
Zero. She is an Artist / Painter. Her name is Julie Harvey. Here she is a photographer, now a member of the Elite
called "The Family of Lenspeople." A Lenwoman preserving the memory of what is Life and Time. I saw her work.
There was much to see. Much to think about. We suggest when you get a chance that you go to Julie's website
and see the work being talked about for yourself. Her work made us feel many things. Below are a few thoughts
shared. Images by Julie Harvey (all rights reserved). (actual email bottom of page.)
once in a while.....
(edited) multiple people

i get to meet interesting people thru my work ... today I met this interesting woman -a painter -
she did her MFA at Parsons when i was there a million years ago ... her studio is downtown
near the WTC - let the pictures speak for themselves - xox

the link is:

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