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Somebody To Love
Jefferson Airplane
RCA Records
Slick Art - a drop in the bucket to how much there really is - by Grace Slick.
Very Special Thanks to Andrew at Mission Licensing for helping make this
story happen. You can also contact them as to where Grace's Wonderland
Box Set series is sold. www.MissionLicensing.com
Richard Renda
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The Rocker Series. Artwork by Grace Slick.
Self Esteem
Jerry Garcia
Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum
She really is a great Artist. Have to say: we love her work.
Definitely Fun !

R. Renda - Editorial Director.
Slick Art
a drop in the bucket
"Don't you want somebody to love, Don't you need
somebody to love ? You better find somebody to
L-o-v-e -u -v ..."
Somebody To Love
"One pill makes you larger, one pill makes you small.
And the ones that mother gives you don't do anything
at all. Go ask Alice -- when she was 10 feet tall."
White Rabbit
"The summer had inhaled and held its breath too long.
The winter looked the same, as if it had never gone.
And through an open window where no curtain hung
... I saw you ... I saw you -- Coming back to me."
Coming Back To Me
Jefferson Airplane
Grace Slick remembers 9/11 (left.)
There is a wonderland that exists for all of
us. Grace has brought together the best
elements from her long list of talents to
present WONDERLAND. This is the visual
version of the song that many people grew up
listening to. The White Rabbit has led several
generations into new worlds of life, love, and
experimentation. And in Life we continue to
follow the White Rabbit of curiosity down the
Rabbit hole into the unknown. Displaying her
ability to capture animals at their best in her
drawings, The Wonderland Series is a
continuation of Grace's rock and roll
communication. Rock & Roll is an attitude
and a lifestyle. The art that Grace produces
is in your face pop art and she would not
have it any other way. The story Begins with
Alice falling asleep while reading a book with
no pictures, how boring. The first thing that
she sees is the Rabbit looking at his watch.
This is the Timekeeper. Grace Slick's
wonderland collection has divided the story
into two chapters released as signed and
numbered limited editions box set packaged
in a special portfolio. A something Grace
has happening for those who may love the
Art for themselves or want to get someone a
unique Gift they will remember for a lifetime.
Grace Slick Artwork - "Copyright Area Arts."
The images of Art by Grace Slick shown here
are only a drop in the bucket. Look around and
find something you like and hang it on the wall.
Grace Slick - self portrait
Jerry Garcia
The Grateful
Jim Morrison - The Doors
Peter Townshend - The Who
left hand Guitarist Supreme Jimi Hendrix
Sting - The Police
Thumbs Up !!! Slick Art by Grace Slick
Grace Slick Artwork - "Copyright Area Arts. All Rights Reserved."
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