Fun, Playful, and Focused.
This is how anyone who really knows this man would describe Patrick. This is
Patrick McMullan. Photographer to the Party scene. He also has a book out
called "In Tents" about his 10 years at The Tents - one of the Professional
Fashion Runways in New York City also known as ... "7th On Sixth."
- photo by David Weissner a/k/a The Dipstick -
Richard Renda
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1980's / 90's (to date) Supermodel Frederique Van Der Wahl
Tiki Barber - Football Great (New York Giants) by
Roger Erickson on Polaroid film.
Laura Bush shot on Olympus E1
by Kenneth Rumments
Author Karen
Bressler and
Donna Karan.
(Donna you look
soooo good.)
Photo by
Chung Lee
Katie Couric TV News Talk Show Host.
Photo by Ken Rumments
Chet - Editorial Journalist and Photographer with the children
in Afghanistan.
Actress Vanessa Williams.
Photo by David Weissner
irina pantaeva - Supermodel, Actress - Mortal
Kombat ll, Author, and Film Documentarian
(Producer). Photo by Ken Rumments.
Watch for
add ons
photos by David Weissner
Theodora Richards (daughter of The Rolling Stones
guitarist Keith Richards). Beautiful.
Fashion Designer Zang Toi with one of the few Models who can make you cry, tears
rolling, as you watch her grace The Runway. Sent from the heavens: Ling.
The Betsey ...Fashion Designer of Mass Creativity ... Betsey Johnson.
Hey !!! Where ya been ? I haven't seen you in a long time --
Patrick McMullan (center) and the New York Crew
in front of Saks Fifth Avenue.
The International Fashion Week Story
In The Big Big Gotham
My Greek Wedding ... Nia Vardalos
photo credit: Chung Lee
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