The Official Editorial Authority
The Official Editorial Authority
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3rd quarter
"A Magazine In TV Land."
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Laurie S. Schechter
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"ToTaLLy CoOL 1994 - 2004: The First Decade"
2005 ... going into The Future.
"The Official Editorial Authority"
Richard Renda
"Totally Cool : The First Decade ... 1994 - 2004."
- 2005 The Magazine -
going into The Future.
3rd quarter Cover
cover photo by
Kenneth Rumments
Gen Art Styles
Gen Art is a not-for-profit organization
serving the Fashion, Art, and Film
communities. They began their
endeavor in New York more then a
decade ago and now are based in
major cities across America. Each
year they host 2 major Fashion
Runway Events. The Gen Art Styles
Event and The Gen Art New Faces
Event. Their goal is to feature and
give talented people Global exposure.
Here Ken Rumments captures
aerialist IMAGO at Gen Art Styles
2005 as she performs suspended in
mid air amazing acrobatic feats using
a piece of material, one piece of silk.
Aerial Artist IMAGO
in flight using no
trapeze. Just one
solid piece of silk.
Aerialist IMAGO
appearing at Gen Art
The Manhattan Center, New York City.

with Emcees Mariel Hemingway
and daughter Dree Crisman

photographs by Ken Rumments

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