One thing to Love is a BIG Smile.
2005 Special - The Main Issue
Wrapped In Silk
The Evander Holyfield
The interesting thing about this
Cover is we chose it before the
December 25 (EST), December
26 (AEST), 2004 Tsunami
Slammed Asia. Coincidence ?
by lensman
Brian Bielman
courtesy of
1st quarter 2005
Cover Photograph
Monster Wave
in Motion

The Official Editorial Authority
The Official Editorial Authority
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The Main Issue
2005 Special
"A Magazine In TV Land."
When the Links are
Red the Section is
open to the public.

Totally Cool : "Always Good
News All The Time" 1994.
"From The Heart of the Big Gotham."
"The mouth of New York"
In The City of the World.
The Special
Issue 2005 ...
Cover Photograph
Steve Di Leo.
Trya Banks
celebrating her
Final Runway
In New York City
Victoria's Secret

The 2005 Issue

A good thing to learn.
"Accommodate" vs "Control."
- A Big Difference - in Life.
... a new beginning.
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1994 - 2004 The First Decade
Richard david Renda
The 2006 Issue
"Life is a Mystery" ... many
people do say. But is it really ?

Life is:
A Work in Progress.
profound Statements:
aka Raindrop Kids
created by Richard Renda and friends
... copyright 1995 - 2006

Who or What will make
The Cover 2006 ?
We shall see.
We Are Travelers Through
Time and Space.
"A Magazine In Space"
is rated "PG."
"I am an
Don't Tell Me What To Do.
2005 The Mag Covers and Cover stories
Totally Cool
The First Decade 1994 - 2004
The Magazine 2005
Into 2006 ... The Future ...
Fall Into Spring
Click on any Cover below for the cover story. We had an Interruption in
2005. The 1st quarter will say a bit more about this and it links you to all
of the past. Remember you can click on the binding of any Mag page
and it will also take you to the "next page." As we go forward with this
"The Main Issue" 2005 Special and into 2006 we will expand on what the
interruption was about. And we will expand on it further as we go into
the Future. We will do one issue to encompass the year 2005. Because.
in fact -- 2005 was ................ an Issue. 2006 Remembers.
Napoleon Perdis. Make-Up
at Saks Fifth Avenue
Sweet Visions
Pretty As A Picture

This Cover, a back Cover is just
for Fun. - closing 2005 -
Call it ... an Art full cover.
Christian Riese Lassen Art.

The purpose of this Visual is
merely to give you something
wonderful to look at. An Image
that will allow your dreams to float
beyond the world of fantasy and
into reality. A mention about
Christian Lassen Art would be to
say it is based on reality, real
places that make you think it is
fantasy. This Planet Earth.
go in to History. And see
the Mag Covers below.
Not to be lost into the
wind ...

The world's most prominent painter of
aquatic art, Christian Riese Lassen, has
once again captured the imagination and
inspiration of a magnificent oceanic scene.
In addition to his superb seascapes,
Lassen's depictions of splendid settings
are unmatched, especially in his latest
masterpiece we see here: Molokai Sunrise.

Acclaimed for his use of charismatic colors that illuminate the mind as well as the canvas, Lassen's amazing artwork
embodies a remarkable realism. His love and support for the environment is evident in each of his poignant paintings.
Utilizing his distinctive approach toward painting, Christian Lassen provides viewers with a breathtaking voyage into the
emotions of the ocean. His brushstrokes fashion a consummate creation of elegance and exquisiteness. Molokai Sunrise
welcomes Lassen enthusiasts with open arms much like the marvelous island of Molokai, often called "The Friendly
Island or The Most Hawaiian Island", greets its visitors with that genuine aloha spirit. As we are now entering the year
2006, for a limited time "Molokai Sunrise" is available as a LassenGraph print.
A Tree of
Natural History
"As Four"

The Power in Numbers
Liquid Metal
2006 The 1st Quarter

Which Cover Do You Like ...
This one or the one above ???

To Remember
is the meaning
of Memory.
Not to forget.
What the human
brain was meant
to be used for.
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