On Location. CLICK Model Management in the Big Gotham, New York City. A Special "Thank You"
to all the Models: Justine, Laura, Brad, Corrine, Galen, Wayne, Jane, Bradley, Fiona, and Ryan
Appreciate The Look. Off and On.

Also Special Thanks goes out to the cool people at
Rogers & Cowan Public Relations.

The MagaZine
Editorial Music Credit:
Black Horse
KT Kunstall
Relentless Records

We wanted to see how The Present looks. Especially when Sunglasses are part of it. We had an idea the
best way to see The Present was off and on. It makes looking at what is ... easier. So -- we recruited
some of the Cool. Models at CLICK Model Management decided they were going to help.
The Photo Director is ... Richard Renda.
Stay Tuned - There Is
Much More Coming --
On Every Page There Is
A Song. Wait. And adjust
... your volume.
Laurie S. Schechter
"World's First Vogue Style Editor"
Richard Renda
A Magazine Alive
"ToTaLLy CoOL The First Decade 1994 - 2004"
"The Official Editorial Authority"
This is the 2nd Decade
Totally Cool
The First Decade 1994 - 2004
The Magazine 2005 - 2006
Into The Future
All rights reserved.
Vogue in White Frames
Seeing the present. Ryan relaxes. In the Classic. Green glass, gold metal frame. Ray-Ban Aviator.
The MagaZine
Galen above takes on what is serious.
Metal frame Shields by Ray-Ban.
Main Issue
Below are Jane and Fiona both sporting a look.
Drama. Stardust Sun Collection. Persol.
This is Justine with The
Look off. And on.
Ray-Ban glasses
on ... Laura.
Brad up against The Wall ... puts a Smile on. The in by Ray-Ban. From The Luxottica Group.
Below we see Wayne going on. The Chic -- with Prada.
Sunglasses. Another good idea in The Present Department.
Bradley putting it on. Wearing
the DKNY Glasses.
Now we look at The Present ... and the
Style of the Present. Weather: you are in winter
or summer -- north or south, east or west -- the
Sun will shine brightly. After a rain, the sunlight
glistens on the street. In the snow the sun
reflects blistering light. And you need to see.
Things get lost from season to season. So
there is nothing like The Present. As a gift.
We Look At The Now. Off and on.
modeling DKNY
Corrine being
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