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THE FOREVER HOT AND SEXY TYRA BANKS. On The Runway with Victoria's Secret Angels.
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Stay Tuned - There Is
Much to be exposed to --
Richard Renda
On Every Page There Is
A Song. Wait. And adjust
... your volume.
A Magazine Alive
Laurie S. Schechter
"World's First Vogue Style Editor"
Editorial Music Credit:
We are the Altar Boyz
Altar Boyz
The Broadway Show

"The Official Editorial Authority"
Sometimes people forget things when dealing with The Present. As a reminder, you learn something
in The Future. What happens going forward. Photo Director ... on the scene: Richard david Renda.
Totally Cool
The First Decade 1994 - 2004
The Magazine 2005 - 2006
Into The Future
Main Issue
At top is Frances Grill, Founder and
owner of CLICK Models. Being innovative
Frances sports a pair of street bought
sunglasses. She loved them so much
she had her own glass installed after.
Above and right is
Model Booking Agent:
Harold wearing the
Donna Karan look.
Off and on.
Here is Paul looking at you. A Vogue look.
Hey Bob - love the Ray-Ban. Classic.
Brown glass, bronze frame Aviator.
Sunglasses found in fine department
stores everywhere. For the Designer
name look you can also see them off
and on at a "Sunglass Hut" near you.
Junior getting into the act.
To see himself. Looking
through the lens.
Here Junior gets to see the look
on. In Hot Red metal frames.
The Ray-Ban Aviator.
Do you want to know about The
Future ? Let's see. We'll go in to it.
As time passes ... there
is what gets lost and
sometimes forgotten.
Evenso. A True friend --
they always remain.
Richard Renda. Preserving the moment.
That was The Present.

Looking at the Future. What
is happening is Hard Core.
And what is going forward is
Trimming around the edge.
This is Spring Summer 2006.
On the High End. Take a look.
Versace bolts with metal trimming
on the arms.
A BIG Look. With the Versace
Seal on the Hinge.
Versace Shields
A conservative look into the future.
And then there is where
it gets Colorful.
Something in The Future
for everyone.
As You Can See ...
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